It is greener here 

Infinity Rehab, offering therapy services in a variety of healthcare settings, is encouraging our former clinicians to consider a return to the company. We like to say “it is greener here.” It’s not only in our name and logo, but it’s part of everything our company provides and stands for. 

The true proof of why therapists should consider a return to Infinity Rehab is in the testimonials from our team members.  

Courtney Anderson, a COTA in Portland, Oregon, knows it’s greener here. 

“The new hire mentorship program was beneficial because it provided me with an opportunity to receive training, ask questions and increase my knowledge which benefited my ability to provide therapy as a COTA.” Learn about her full onboarding experience here. 

Lisa Edwards, PTA with Infinity Rehab, was heartbroken when her community switched to an in-house program. In a touching testimonial, she shares her nearly 30-year career journey as a therapist and how she found her way back and returned to Infinity Rehab. 

Therapy jobs and perks at Infinity Rehab 

There are many reasons why our past clinicians should consider a return to Infinity Rehab. First, we are a therapist-led company and value our clinicians. We enhanced our benefits, including unique mental health and wellness perks, like massage. Plus, we think benefits are so important that they start on the first of the month after you are hired. We also offer a lucrative 401(k) program that all employees, including PRNs, are eligible for. Not all healthcare companies offer a 401(k) match program, but we do. 

Plus, when you return to Infinity Rehab, you will still get credit for the years of service you already worked for the company. You won’t start fresh again; your history and tenure with the company will be reinstated as if you never left, giving you access to benefits like PTO accrual rates.  

Additionally, Infinity Rehab is an industry leader in professional development programs for our clinicians. Therapist and therapist assistants can join our year-long Leadership Academy class. The Clinical Champions Program focuses on identifying and developing the clinical behaviors essential for effective clinical practice. We also offer our Clinical Academy— the goal of the Academy is to produce a cadre of field clinicians who can provide support to consistency in the Infinity Rehab care delivery model. Our new directors of rehab (DORs) also receive extensive training to set them up for success. 

We help new clinicians ease into their job through our 90-Day Immersion Program a perk few healthcare companies offer. During this time, clinicians get to know the company culture, meet their team, set professional goals, and fully immerse into their new role at their own pace.  

Return to the Infinity Rehab team 

Run by therapists, Infinity Rehab’s therapy work takes a patient-centered approach and uses evidence-based interventions. We have opportunities for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, certified occupational therapy assistants, speech-language pathologists, rehab aides, and leadership opportunities. 

Infinity Rehab prides itself on an irresistible culture, an environment filled with laughter, and close connections.  

Ready to return? Explore opportunities for therapy jobs, or contact one of our recruiters for immediate assistance.  

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