Infinity Rehab, a therapy services company, recently expanded their professional development program line-up and launched their new Clinical Academy. The goal of the Clinical Academy is to produce a cadre of field clinicians who can provide support to consistency in the Infinity Rehab care delivery model.

Meet Clinical Academy scholar Quincy Shaw

Quincy Shaw, an occupational therapist at Queen Anne Healthcare in Seattle, Washington, is part of the inaugural class of Clinical Academy. Quincy was drawn to participating in the academy to learn more about Infinity Rehab’s clinical model and to network with fellow clinicians.

Quincy notes, “I am driven by evidence-based research, so I was excited by an opportunity to be updated on the latest findings to improve patient outcomes. It has allowed me to meet other therapists and leaders within the company, which I am grateful for.”

Quincy has already seen a difference in how she implements the clinical model in her work and is thankful for the expertise she is receiving from fellow students in class.

Virtual instruction during COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this first Clinical Academy is being conducted virtually. Through online meetings and chat, access to classes has been seamless. Sessions are also available to stream afterward in case a therapist cannot make a class. There are even breakroom rooms, where participants can network and learn in smaller groups.

Quincy thinks this is a great option: “It may be difficult for others to feel comfortable speaking up in a virtual class. I really like how the academy has opportunities for smaller group discussions to give everyone a chance to provide their input or ask questions.”

What the future holds in the Academy for Quincy

This is Quincy’s first time participating in a professional development program from Infinity Rehab. Looking ahead to the rest of the program, Quincy is excited: “I am enjoying this opportunity to refresh my knowledge of the model and to improve my clinical skills. I look forward to learning what the later sessions of the academy will be like after the labs are finished.”

Infinity Rehab has a long history of providing mentorship and professional development opportunities for their therapists.

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