Infinity Rehab clinicians have the pleasure of helping senior individuals overcome activity limitations every day.

Director of Professional Development Derek Fenwick was a licensed physical therapist for 15 years. Concluding his direct practice in 2010, physical therapy is still a big part of who he is.
“Once it’s in your blood, you never lose it,” he said.

As a clinician himself, Fenwick provides opportunities for Infinity Rehab clinicians to grow in their field. Some of these opportunities include support in developmental goals, leadership roles, and their newest program, Clinical Champions.

The Clinical Champions Program focuses on identifying and developing essential clinical behaviors for effective practice at Infinity Rehab. Participants in this program can attain recognition, compensation, and valuable experiences by advancing through the program.

“Our physical therapists and assistants do so much to help our patients grow and improve,” Fenwick said. “Our goal with this program is to give our clinicians that same opportunity.”

Advancing as a Clinical Champion

Infinity Rehab Physical Therapist Jeff Brooks is in level two of this program. Clinicians at this level demonstrate mastery in clinical decision-making, patient self-management, collaboration, flexibility, and ongoing learning. Moreover, their patient care is fully outcome-driven and based on the patient’s needs. Program participants inform patients about community resources as they continually strive to learn and integrate new skills into their daily practice.

Brooks originally joined the program to help pay for specialized classes.

“My goals as a therapist are to earn certifications in different specialties,” he said. “I try to keep myself at the top of my game.”
As a level two Clinical Champion, Brooks is striving to advance to level three, a ranking for those who influence others. Brooks hopes to have an influence by sharing his knowledge with clinicians at other Infinity Rehab locations.

Each clinician has their own specialty – their own passion, Brooks said. He hopes to spread his knowledge so all patients and residents with Infinity Rehab have access to a clinician with specialized skills to address chronic pain problems.

“If you can’t address those problems, you can’t get your patient back to 100 percent,” Brooks said.
Clinicians must see the bigger picture, he said. He urges them to step back and look at the patient as a human being. Not a broken arm. Not a hip recovering from surgery. See the larger picture and determine where the pain is coming from.

“I would love to be useful to other therapists to address what they’re struggling with,” Brooks said.

Joining Clinical Champions

To clinicians considering joining the Clinical Champions Program, Brooks has simple words of advice.

“Do it. What are you waiting for?”

He warns that it takes time but is worth it for one key reason. It helps you think about patients in a different way. It leads you to evaluate yourself as a physical therapist by considering questions you might be leaving out of your evaluations and finding research that reveals something you might have missed.


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