Here is the recap of the IT Ticket to Ride update from April 30, 2024. 


  • This will be the last IT Ticket to Ride communication that will be sent as its own communication.  Going forward, IT updates and information will be communicated through the Infinity Insider newsletter.  Look for the new section coming soon!


Due to the separation of Infinity from Avamere, Apple devices ,including iPads and iPhones, had the management software removed along with certain apps.  Because of this, IT will be sending out devices that will replace the ones you are currently using.  We will need everyone’s help to make this exchange go as smoothly as possible.  The exchange will be done on a site-by-site basis and IT will be in contact with you when it’s time for your site to be exchanged.  If you have any questions about how the exchange will work, please email the IT Department.




  • When sending patient information or PHI, please type SECURE in the email subject line so the email will be sent with encryption.
  • Email phishing continues to be a problem.  The attackers are getting much more sophisticated and realistic in their attempts.  Please use caution when receiving an email from a source you do not recognize.  Do not click any links in the email unless the email is from a trusted source, and it is one that you would normally expect to receive.  If you have any doubt, please contact the IT Department before responding or clicking on any links.


  • Reminder: Prime Care Technologies supports NetHealth password resets; this includes weekend coverage.  If you need a password reset over the weekend, please contact Prime Care Support at or 855-424-3917.
  • Prime Care is continually patching and updating our laptops.  This is done weekly on Thursdays and is normally done after hours.  In order for the patching to be successful, the laptops need to be powered on and users logged out.  If the patching can’t be completed as scheduled, then you may see a message popup indicating that updates need to be applied and that your computer will restart.  This will probably happen during the workday if the patches cannot be completed overnight.
  • We are continuing to see improvement in waiting time for support.  The goal is to have users wait less than five minutes and this goal was met during the previous week.

If you have not heard back from Prime Care on your case or you are waiting on the phone for over 10 minutes, please email  This will alert Prime Care supervisors and create a ticket in their system.  If you do send in an escalation, please CC so that we are aware.

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