Rapheal and Maclean with the Spokane Valley - Good Sam team

Rapheal and Maclean with the Spokane Valley – Good Sam team

On May 3, 2015, Raphael Botsyo Nkegbe and Maclean Atsu Dzidienyo – internationally recognized wheelchair racers from Ghana – participated in the wheelchair race during the annual Bloomsday event in Spokane, WA. After the race, it became apparent they had an issue with one of their chairs with limited resources for repairs.  Word spread around town about the athlete’s troubles and a call was placed to the Infinity Rehab therapy team at Spokane Valley – Good Samaritan to see if they could help. Sure enough, the team graciously lent a helping hand. Raphael and Maclean are now headed to Phoenix with two functional wheelchairs for track qualifiers for the 2016 Paralympics.
Rapheal and Maclean have a truly inspirational story. Not only do they compete on an international level in a physically grueling sport, they also take the time to raise awareness of disadvantaged youth and nurture future para-sportsmen talent. Raphael was quoted about this in an article from cnn.com when speaking about his charity, Right to Dream:

“We work with some very disadvantaged kids in Ghana, and they come from environments where they don’t actually know what opportunities are out there in the world. So when you bring them here, and tell them if you apply yourself you can achieve amazing things in life, they don’t understand,” says Nkegbe. “Those who are competing are the new generation. They are the people taking over the baton.”

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