Infinity Rehab’s 90-Day Immersion program is nearing the end of its first year, and new employees and directors are raving about its benefits. Here’s a brief look into what this new program is all about and what Infinity Rehab employees really think about it.

The 90-day countdown to immersion

Just as the title implies, the 90-Day Immersion program divides training across 90 days. New team members receive a checklist that outlines everything he or she will accomplish day-by-day during the first week, then weekly accomplishments for the remainder of the program.

These to-dos include meeting the team, reviewing safety guidelines, chart audits, and setting goals.

This program is meant to help new employees feel strong support, bond with their supervisors and teams, get to know Infinity Rehab and its values, and immerse in the company culture.

Taking it at your own pace

Onboarding and training is truly an individual journey. Here’s how one Infinity Rehab employee at Loveland Village in Colorado helped her team member immerse into Infinity Rehab.

“The checklist is still very helpful, but at some point during week 2, I realized that the PT was overwhelmed. And that really was an understatement! I dialed back and used the immersion checklist at a slower pace than recommended. I also let Bre know that I was having concerns and could not quite find the right way to train the new PT. She was able to give me additional tools to look into leaning styles. 

I think it is important as leaders to take each individual and look at the situation. Modify the training to the needs of the person you are training. They will feel more a part of the team. The “Getting to know your direct reports faster” questions made a huge difference in our communication and helped us turn the corner on putting the right foot forward.”

Andrea Betts, DOR at Avamere Rehabilitation of Clackamas in Oregon, also executed on-boarding with her new hire’s own pace.

“As a new DOR on-boarding a new grad therapist for the first time, I have found the immersion program to be very beneficial. I appreciate having guidelines to know what to go over and when, as it takes the stress off and helps me to feel like I am not throwing everything at my new hire all in the first week. Aside from everything on the first day, I have been using the checklist as guidelines to meet the needs of my program. For example, we have shifted some material sooner or later depending on what needs or scenarios arise. Similarly, we may delay some of the topics if we have a higher caseload on a given day, or if we have some extra time, we pull out the list and see what we can cover. My new hire is doing great, and the immersion program also helps him take ownership and initiative with the on-boarding process.”

Immersion is for everyone

One DOR found the program was helpful not only for her new hire, but for her as well!

“I really do think [our new hire] has appreciated all of the support that the 90-day immersion program and the DIG program have provided. I have also been trying to implement some of the 90-day checklist info for our newer staff that began in February right before these programs were officially implemented since there are things on there that I missed in their orientation. These programs have been very helpful at the DOR level as well! Thanks for everything you’re doing up there!”

Karen Parker, DOR at Avamere Riverpark of Eugene, OR

Feeling welcome

Part of the 90-Day Immersion program is to help the new employee feel welcome as a part of the Infinity Rehab team. One employee shared how she feels part of the team through this program.
“Thank you for the warm welcome. I am so glad to be a part of the team! It is definitely a fast-paced environment, but I am feeling I am getting the swing of things. Andrea and all of my coworkers are very helpful and supportive. I am lucky to have had you as my lab instructor through LBCC as well, learned so much and am excited to learn more through my time with Infinity!”

Julia Barlett, OTA at Avamere Rehabilitation of Hillsboro, OR

Gaining confidence

Part of full immersion in a new role is gaining confidence to fulfill your duties. One new hire shared how the 90-Day Immersion program instilled this confidence in himself.

“I’m feeling more confident in my role and understanding the documentation, system of communication, company culture, productivity, and overall just being an OT with Infinity Rehab. I’m looking forward to learning more on how to grow with the company and connect/learn from my therapy and inter-professional team.”

Jonathan Basso, OT at Avamere Riverpark of Eugene, OR

Ultimately, the 90-Day Immersion is all about helping new employees get a great start in their new career.

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