I started at Infinity Rehab early in my career. I switched to Infinity because the job was closer to home; I didn’t know anything about the company and assumed that all rehab companies are the same. I had no idea that it would be the best career decision I have ever made. I started in Bellingham, WA and made my way down to McMinnville, OR, transferring within the company. I recently had to move (yes again) as my husband was starting graduate school. There weren’t any openings with Infinity, so I switched companies. There were so many things about Infinity that I took for granted. By switching and experiencing a different company I got to see how unique Infinity is in its development of staff, management of operations and overall company tone and philosophy.

One difference was that at Infinity we are expected to be clinicians. Infinity Rehab encourages critical reasoning and creativity. Decisions on corporate levels are made according to what is right for patients with a focus on clinical outcomes. This was not true of the other therapy company, where therapists were minute machines and decisions were based on revenue.
Another difference was company ethics. Infinity has an HR and legal team that is easy to access and who take every claim sincerely and seriously. Issues are not pushed under the rug and the company has set a tone where we are all expected to speak out at the first sign of something suspicious. The other company had an orientation full of standards, but had a tone where people were afraid to speak up and where everyone kept to themselves. At Infinity, I was never pressured to treat a patient for the sake of getting more minutes regardless of the patient’s needs, this is not true of other companies.

The biggest difference between Infinity and the other company is leadership philosophy. Infinity is a company of leaders teaching and developing other leaders. Infinity puts significant time into developing our clinical and leadership skills (think of the years of work put into the CJR protocols). If you are an Infinity clinician you are seen as a leader regardless of if you are at the corporate level. You are a leader of your case load, of your patients. You are a part of making important decisions within your program and the company wants your opinion on larger decisions. We as individual clinicians matter. I had the opportunity to become a Director of Rehab (DOR) because of infinity’s DOR-in-Training program (another unique program to Infinity). The company spends thousands of dollars on Leadership Academy every year. There is someone at the corporate level whose main purpose is to foster professional development! (side note: having happy hour with Derek Fenwick was the second best decision of my career, I highly recommend it.)

I am now thankfully back with Infinity Rehab. If you somehow do not feel these unique differences I have a challenge for you: dig in. Invite your Area Rehab Director to lunch and play 20 questions, Skype with Patty Scheets as a team and ask her every crazy question you have about standardized testing. Have a team in-service with Holly Winick about interpersonal relations and managing stress and emotions at work. Take any of our corporate leaders and get to know them better. If you do this you will find that Infinity is built and run by the most humble, kind, brilliant and passionate people you could ever hope to meet. You will find that you are surrounded by people who on a daily basis root for you, fight for you, and who work relentlessly to create an environment where you can become the best, most holistic version of yourself, as a clinician and more.

There is a reason why when I ask PRN workers why they work for Infinity versus another company they consistently tell me that, “Infinity programs feel different”, “Infinity therapists smile more and seem happier.” This does not happen by chance and is not a program-by-program thing. I have experienced it myself. Infinity Rehab programs have a unique work atmosphere. This atmosphere is possible through our company creating the space and laying the foundation for our ability to remain passionate about what we do as clinicians and consistently provide quality patient care without an overwhelming pressure for operations and financials.

I took all of these things for granted, but I assure you they are unique. I have never been much of a sports enthusiast and have always felt out of place when someone says they bleed, “Husker red,” but I can now proudly say that I bleed, “Infinity green.”

Samantha McAdams PT, DPT, DOR

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