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What is Triple Aim?

Improving the healthcare system is what Triple Aim is all about. Developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in 2007, this framework outlines the simultaneous pursuit of improving care experience, population health, and reducing per capita cost.
In its simplest form, Triple Aim’s purpose is achieving higher patient satisfaction at a lower cost.
Triple Aim

Achieving the Triple Aim

Triple aim drives the new Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) by helping clinicians see the bigger picture. It serves as a guide for healthcare professionals to determine how they can provide high quality care while matching the appropriate cost.

We can strive to achieve Triple Aim by following the Infinity Smart Solutions.

Everyone in healthcare is responsible and encouraged to reach for the Triple Aim. We can do this in our everyday practice in several ways. First, identify patient needs early. Next, implement research-based measures and processes to make sure we provide the right treatment and amount of care. Finally, constantly look for ways to improve processes.
When you’re always learning and improving, you’re working toward achieving Triple Aim.

Triple Aim and the IMPACT Act

The Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act (IMPACT Act) standardizes assessments across all post-acute care.
Section GG measures are now implemented across all post-acute settings. This makes a smoother patient transition between healthcare settings, including home health (HHA), inpatient rehab (IRF), and long-term acute hospital (LTAH).
With the same assessments and same coding system, healthcare professionals can more easily and accurately review a patient’s characteristics. This fosters better patient care, a key part of the Triple Aim.

Triple Aim benefits

Both patients and employees enjoy the benefits of achieving Triple Aim. For the patient, it means better healthcare at a lower cost. For the employee, it means providing quality outcomes with reduced variability, resulting in better patient care.
Triple Aim provides proactive, preventative healthcare for our communities. Together we can provide better patient care, ultimately improving population health, all at a lower cost.
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