Directors of rehab across Infinity Rehab gathered in Portland, Oregon the day before their annual Symposium event for training and networking. During this training, the directors learned about the Patient-Driven Payment Model, including how to prepare themselves and their teams for this upcoming payment change.

Providing direction for PDPM

Several attendees shared how they felt comforted by how open and prepared Infinity Rehab is for PDPM.

“The transparency of this company amazes me. It is one of my core values, so finding that in a company is extremely comforting.”
The director reported they took the information they learned and continued this transparency and inspiration for change with their team.
Other directors shared how the training helped them feel prepared to welcome PDPM.
“I was able to come back to my building refreshed and confident moving forward knowing the changes that are ahead.”
“The whole day inspired me. I have already started getting my department organized and prepared for changes.”
“Being a first-time director, everything was so interesting to me and gave me the confidence to answer those hard questions from my therapy team and interdisciplinary director training. IDT. Preparing for all the changes makes me want to learn as much as I can to become a leader in my building.”
Another director was pleased with Infinity Rehab’s initiative in embracing and preparing for PDPM.
“I feel like I was able to learn more about how our industry is moving toward a value-based reimbursement system and to start thinking more critically about how that will affect our operations side of therapy in the near future. It was inspiring to know our company has been forward-thinking for quite some time, and I feel confident moving forward into PDPM and preparing for the ‘ripple effect’ that will surely impact reimbursement for operations.”
Another shared their sheer excitement.
“Change is GOOD!”

Embracing Infinity Rehab’s clinical model

Along with the helpful knowledge provided around PDPM, the directors also learned more about Infinity Rehab’s clinical model. Patty Scheets, Director of Quality and Clinical Outcomes, expressed the importance of tracking. The attendees took this advice to heart.
“I was inspired to start a tracking system for our clinical model implementation.”
“I am making steps toward implementation of something that won’t ‘be a fad’ and then be forgotten. I really want to build consistency with this and one of my inspirations is Patty!”
Several of the directors shared how they are creating binders to better organize their outcome measures and are implementing tips provided during the training to track these measures.

Power in numbers

Many of the directors enjoyed getting to know their Infinity Rehab leaders and fellow directors of rehab.
I was so happy to meet so many people in person! There is really something to be said about having the opportunity to speak with colleagues face-to-face and work together.”
“Feeling part of something bigger and seeing value in what we are doing.”
Others shared how they felt support and appreciation from Infinity Rehab.
“I appreciate a clear look into the strategies and plans for how we are going to move forward in the new system. It was valuable to spend time with our leaders and hear directly from them. I appreciate the opportunity to network, make connections, and share resources. I felt important and filled with potential when I left.”
“I was really encouraged and reassured that Infinity Rehab is going through many levels of preparation and has incredible leadership to guide us through the upcoming changes with amazing tools and people to reach out to for help.”
“Knowing that Infinity Rehab is headed in the right direction and is prepared for the big changes coming our way.”
And some were grateful to be surrounded by those who knew exactly how they felt.
“I am not alone. It was nice to be among fellow DORs who face similar challenges on a daily basis.”
Overall, many of the directors left feeling supported, knowledgeable, and ready for change. “Thank you for investing in us,” one director said to the leaders.

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