Think back to your first day on the job – any job you’ve held. You probably got an overload of information about company guidelines, you met the team, and you got more familiar with your responsibilities.

But even after your few days or weeks of training end, you might still find yourself a little lost. According to US News, it takes people anywhere from three to six months to adjust to a new job.
Our team at Infinity Rehab understands this, and we want our clinicians to know they aren’t alone when they join us. We developed a program to help new team members adjust to their new job, called the 90-Day Immersion Program.

Immerse in our culture

The program is part of Infinity Rehab’s People Priority to fulfill the irresistible culture we’re striving to build. It helps us achieve an employee experience that reinforces a new team member’s decision to join Infinity Rehab.

Breaking down the 90 days

The immersion program divides training across 90 days. New team members receive a checklist that outlines everything he or she will accomplish day-by-day during the first week, then weekly accomplishments for the remainder of the program.

Some of the to-dos include:

  • Meeting the team
  • Reviewing safety guidelines
  • Getting to know the Infinity culture (including our company newsletter and employee programs)
  • Introduction to employee tools
  • Chart audits with your director
  • Setting your goals

Other training tools include an introduction to Infinity Rehab’s Clinical Champions program, the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, clinical protocols, and daily operations.

It’s all about support

We’re excited to welcome new team members, and we want them to be just as excited about their new career adventure!

Our 90-day program helps our new employees:

  • Feel strong support
  • Bond with their supervisors and teams
  • Get to know Infinity Rehab and our values
  • Immerse in our company culture

An enriching experience

Infinity Rehab has received great feedback from new team members and their supervisors about the quality and flow of the program. For new grads, this program is well-complimented by our Dig into Mentorship program.

We’re always happy to meet new clinicians! Visit our careers page to find your passion and apply.

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