“Keep the therapists consistent at each building and provide continuity of care for our customers.” Tyler Keeter, Area Rehab Director (ARD) for Colorado and Nebraska, has attributed those two ideals to the success of Infinity Rehab at our Colorado facilities. As the ARD, Tyler managed the clinical aspect of the expansion of Infinity Rehab into the Colorado region in 2009.

Infinity Rehab began providing therapy services in 2009 to three Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Colorado. Over the next three years, Infinity’s services in the area grew to encompass four additional CCRCs and four Rehab Agencies. “The Directors of Rehab and our therapists have been fundamental to our growth,” says Tyler. “We had four departments eligible for the Best in Class Top 10% Patient Satisfaction certificates in 2010, and each received one. Our growth stems from this sort of positive result for our current customers, leading to positive referrals and opportunities to gain other customers. Of course, our corporate development team was essential in selling these results to the region.”

Tyler, a Physical Therapist at heart, logs a lot of time on the road traveling around the state from facility to facility. “I’d say I put anywhere between 800 and 1,000 miles on my car in a month.” That is the equivalent of making a round trip from Denver to Salt Lake City once a month.

All the time spent on the road and hard work pays off in the end. “It has been great to play a role in the expansion of our services for the benefit of more people,” says Tyler. “To watch seasoned therapists embrace the values of the organization and apply them toward our patients, residents, and customers has been extremely rewarding. The therapists in Colorado and Nebraska and I face some staggering changes in the coming months, but we’re set up with the right people in order to maintain viability and grow even further into the region.”


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