Dear Infinity Rehab,
I wanted to write a note after seeing you at AAHSA Conference in Los Angeles and let you know my appreciation to Infinity Rehab and the impact your therapy services are having on our community. It has given residents a simple avenue to be evaluated to determine whether your services can help them with balance and/or other stability issues. It has given several residents advise for standing, sitting, and walking including strengthening therapy. All this at the convenience right here on campus. Many are thrilled to access this service right here at Rock of Ages.
Our department supervisors, including our in-home services MAIDS, have benefited greatly by having resident assessments so accessible. With such quick responses from Infinity Inc. and their staff it helps us serve and meet the needs of those we care for. Infinity staff attend individuals in the privacy of their homes and residents are grateful for the service.
Infinity staff are very personable and understanding and reinforce our philosophy of “person centered care”. Thank you so much for becoming part of “the team” making lives better for those that live here at Rock of Ages, Valley View Retirement and those that are served in our MAIDS program.
Thank you,
Delvin Zook, CEO
Rock of Ages/ Valley View/ MAIDS

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