Infinity Rehab has been pioneering the use of telehealth for over 10 years. We’re meeting our patients virtually to give them access to the same quality care we have always delivered.

Telehealth stats for 2022

During 2022, we doubled the number of encounters we provided using telehealth as compared to 2021.   The recent flexibility afforded rehabilitation providers in using telehealth allowed us to capitalize on our innovative practices to bring a high level of care to patients in underserved communities, remote or rural settings, and communities disproportionately affected by staffing shortages.  The upward trend in telehealth visits is illustrated in the following figure.   
 Telehealth encounter trend

Quality of telehealth care

There’s no difference in the clinical quality of cases where patients received at least some telehealth as compared to the whole group.  This is illustrated using a sampling of metrics in the figure below. 
Telehealth comparison of outcomes

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