Healthcare shortages 

The healthcare industry continues to face many challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, there was a staffing shortage in healthcare, particularly in the nursing sector. Skilled nursing and long-term care facilities faced worker shortages as well. Such shortages have been elevated as we continue to navigate COVID-19. 

At such a critical time in the healthcare industry, it has never been more important for talent acquisition teams to focus on their recruiting efforts. It’s crucial for these teams to have a breadth of knowledge in sourcing, recruiting, and retaining qualified staff. It takes all three of these strategies to be most effective. Company culture and a sense of belonging are also important in hiring team members who want to stay with you long-term. 

Building teams that stay

How do healthcare providers build strong teams? What tactics can they utilize to build teams that stay? 

Download the free workforce toolkit provided by Infinity Rehab below and get key insights into best practices for sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talented staff. 

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