We celebrated National Occupational Therapy Month in April! In honor of our amazing team of OTs, we asked employees to nominate an OT who excels at their job.
We call these team members OT Heroes. Thank you for your outstanding work!

Alice P, Signature Healthcare at Home
She goes above and beyond for everyone.
Submitted by Micaela
Alison, Richmond Beach Rehab, Avamere Living
She is a wonderful manager and team player and always says yes to patient care.
Submitted by Meded Ahmed
Angi Greer, Sullivan Park Care Center, Infinity Rehab
Angi was my OT supervisor when I interned as a student for Infinity Rehab prior to taking my NBCOT. I learned so much from her. Working with her helped me get comfortable working with the geriatric population and made me fall in love with Infinity Rehab as a company. She was always supportive and available for questions. Even now that I work in the field as an OT/DOR at a small SNF, she will still answer my calls if I have a clinical question that I need guidance on. When I’m sick, she has floated to my facility in order to cover me so I can have time to recover. She is a great representation of our profession and a fantastic role model for OTs in our community.
Submitted by Christina Masterson
Anne Furey, Avamere of Rogue Valley, Infinity Rehab
Anne goes above and beyond to help her patients be successful in therapy. She has a positive demeanor, endless patience, and a calming presence. She is a great example of a team player and is always willing to help out her coworkers and the nursing dept.
Submitted by Amanda Huber
Antoinette Brockman, Bend Transitional Care, Infinity Rehab
Toni works so hard and always has a smile on her face. We were short on OTs last week and she said she would do whatever it took to make sure that our residents got their OT treatments. Everyone that works with her loves her and they always enjoy her treatment sessions.
Submitted by Kirstyn Beyer
Barbara Markey, Elk Run and Village at Belmar, Infinity Rehab

Barb is the resource for all of our outpatient programs for all things OT-related. She helps her PT partners locally and has presented on our regional ops calls to educate her fellow teammates on cognitive screening tools and how to set clients up for success so they can remain in their assisted and independent living communities.
Submitted by Beth Castellini
Cammy, Avamere Court at Keizer, Infinity Rehab
Cammy is ALWAYS thinking outside the box for her residents and fellow staff. She has a very special way of reaching out to people on a personal level and making everyone she works with feel like they matter.
Submitted by Kayla
Christopher Adam Richardson, Avamere at Three Fountains, Infinity Rehab
Adam is extremely effective when working with patients. Adam’s calm demeanor keeps patients calm and [creates] the most effective therapy environment. He is a team player and works well with the interdisciplinary team. He is always willing to help when asked by the nursing team.
Submitted by Katelyn Trosen
Adam is always very patient with the residents and is always thorough. He is sensitive to the residents’ needs and helpful both with the residents and with the staff. His compassion shows in everything he does. Adam does amazing with residents who have cognitive deficits. He is just overall one of the most amazing therapists I have ever worked with.
Submitted by Mary Nichols
Cindy Little, View Ridge Care Center, Infinity Rehab
Cindy takes her role as a COTA to the next level by taking future COTA students/practitioners under her wing and showing them what OT is all about and sharing her knowledge and experiences of working for our patients in a SNF setting.
Submitted by Angela Winchester
Debbie Bradford, Rockwood Retirement South Hill/Hawthorne, Infinity Rehab
Debbie always goes above the call of duty. She can often be seen using her personal sewing machine to create a sling, a seat cushion cover, and some other unique creation that assists her patients and helps them be successful.
She is always willing to come in on Sunday for new admits that need to be seen or she feels would benefit from being seen earlier than later. She stays late at times or comes in early to meet the needs of her patients. She is the epitome of kindness and always has a smile to share. It has been my pleasure to be able to work with her for more than seven years, and I am grateful that she is on our team.
Submitted by Jeff Brooks
Emily Rogers, Prestige of Anchorage, Infinity Rehab
Emily is still a relatively new COTA, though her passion for our residents was evident from the very beginning. We are in a very culturally diverse community with non-English speaking residents. Emily, as a new graduate and a new employee, took the initiative to learn basic Korean working with Google translate, the resident’s family members, and the community. She took the time to master phrases that would ease the fear and foster a relationship with a Korean elder who had a stroke.
Emily took the extra time to teach rehab and nursing staff phrases important to resident care.  Because of Emily’s initiative, there was increased communication with the resident, her family, and staff. This was the catalyst that allowed this resident to reach her goals to return home with family. Emily continues to demonstrate passion for our residents and occupational therapy by fostering the maximum potential and independence in all residents that she touches upon.
Submitted by Wendde Kneram
Eric Dalling, Salt Lake City, Signature Healthcare at Home
He’s great with patients and does amazing work.
Submitted by Joannie Chhour
Erin Brennan, Oregon, Signature Healthcare at Home
She has exceptional customer service, her patients love her, and she gains their trust and has made the impossible possible for patients that lost their motivation or desire to try anything new. She has lifted spirits and improved multiple patients’ quality of life.
Submitted by Melanie Flores

Jaime Colbert, Longview, Infinity Rehab
Jaime is tireless. She is passionate and dedicated.  ALWAYS a team player, she is very dependable and never complains.
Submitted by Traci Webster
Janell Consbruck, Good Samaritan Society – Hastings Village and Perkins Pavilion, Infinity Rehab

She recognizes people’s strengths and always praises each person for their personal best. Janell is a great organizer with fun events with the team members and patients. Janell is always a pleasure to work with.
Submitted by Julie Stutzman
Janell goes above and beyond for her patients, she has been adding in the “my health journals,” working with nursing with it, incorporating medication management, and she has also been involving the family with goals, DC plan, and therapy sessions, etc. Janell always looks for ways to make therapy fun like decorating the therapy gym, involving patients in craft and cooking activities, going to the village thrift store, and planning outings that are meaningful to the patient in order to safely return to their prior level of function. Janell also ensures that all the OT/OTAs have OT shirts for the month of April to celebrate National OT Month.
Submitted anonymously
Jayna Scholl, Good Samaritan Auburn and Falls City Nursing and Rehab, Infinity Rehab

Jayna makes a huge impact in the life of every patient that she works with. She has such a great spirit and fun attitude all the time. In Good Samaritan Auburn, Jayna continually has residents that stop and ask therapists and facility staff “Where is Jayna?” These residents are either wanting to talk to her just to say hi or give her some grief because she is such a fun person. She is our OT hero in both Auburn and Falls City because she truly cares for her patients and they appreciate everything that she has done for them!
Submitted by Tawna Bennett
Kali Wize, Avamere Rehab of Oregon City, Infinity Rehab

She always has a positive attitude, is very much involved with helping the patients, and has good leadership skills because she serves her job well!
Submitted by Heather Moore
Kali Wize has recently been recognized for her leadership and professionalism by being named as the Rehabilitation Director at AROC.  She is exceptionally professional, and her smile lights up any room she walks in to. She is the therapist that any one of us would want for our own family. Her communication skills are excellent, she makes great eye contact, and gives you a feeling of confidence in her answers, suggestions, and plan of care.
If she sees a barrier, her go-to behavior is to find a way over, under, or around a barrier – the results speak for themselves. Our residents are enthusiastic about therapy and the interdisciplinary team are amazed with her. Her addition to the Avamere team reflects her kindness, respect, and caring that are all part of her personality and daily behaviors.
Submitted by Peter Jones
Katherine Danforth, Signature Healthcare at Home
She goes above and beyond to help communicate with all staff and clinicians for congruence and team work. She has been an amazing therapist to work under and learn from.
Submitted by: Alexandra ONeil
Kiley Connealy, GSS Homecare of Central NE, GSS St. Luke, and GSS St. Johns, Infinity Rehab
Kiley goes above and beyond for her patients. We have had many wheelchair denials due to strict Nebraksa Medicaid guidelines. She has taken her own time to present cases in front a judge to grant wheelchairs for her patients. She is working with the OT Practice Council to fight the laws in Nebraska and recently started Leadership Academy as the first-ever staff clinician and level 3 clinician.
Submitted by Erin Finke
Kim Fisher, Rogue Valley, Infinity Rehab
Kim always has a smile on her face and takes the time for all questions staff or residents may have. She helps out a lot when the therapy manager is on vacation or when we do not have a therapy director. She has a way to get residents to participate in therapy when others fail. She is an employee that mirrors our core values.
Submitted by Jackie Allen
Kim Levin, Mt. Baker Care Center, Infinity Rehab
She works hard, and she’s productive. Kim has a wonderful patient-centered care approach with big picture awareness and on-point interdisciplinary communication.
Submitted by Lauren Conlan
Kirsten Evensen, Portland, Signature Healthcare at Home
Kirsten is the most positive, upbeat, and most enthusiastic occupational therapist I have ever met! She has made me come to truly understand how much of an honor and privilege it is to have occupational therapists, especially in the home health setting. They are truly a gem.
Submitted by Jenny Aldrich
Laurie Spellman, Eugene, Oregon, Signature Healthcare at Home
Laurie always goes above and beyond for all her patients. She treats them with dignity, respect, and compassion. She is passionate about providing care and is always willing to teach others. She is invested in the care of her patients and strives to improve their quality of life. She is a great, and I am grateful to have her on our care team.
Submitted by Michelle Wendelschafer
Laurie provides high quality compassionate care. She provides direction and training to new OT staff utilizing empathy and skill and demonstrates strong leadership qualities. She empowers our patients with an emphasis on safety to maintain their independence with in their abilities. She is a strong patient advocate.
Submitted by Monika Settlemyer
She is a fantastic OT that is always pleasant to be around and communicates with her team. Laurie gives exceptional patient care and is willing to think outside of the box to ensure the best quality patient care.  She is a great advocate for her patients and is invested in being a good employee.
Submitted by Samantha Monroe

Lorelei Todd, Avamere Rehab of Newport, Infinity Rehab

Lorelei is personable, professional, and approachable.  She treats each resident with kindness and gives them her full attention. Lorelei causes her residents to flourish under her nurturing focus.
Submitted by Bob Swinea
Lorelei has worked for infinity for 16 years. She is a great person to work with and is always going above and beyond. She is very creative in ensuring our residents have their maximum levels of independence, mobility, and dignity.
Submitted by Lisa Arceo
Lori Hendricks, Avamere Bellingham Health and Rehab
She is compassionate, caring, and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the best practice and care for her patients. Lori always has a pleasant approach.
Submitted anonymously
Lynn Goldstein, Washington Care Services, Infinity Rehab
Lynn Goldstein is an experienced OT who brings to her role expertise and wisdom. During her time with Infinity, she has served the role of interim DOR here at Washington Care, at Sequim, and was willing to commute to Sequim on a weekly basis to assist with staffing needs/coverage.
She has taken initiative to be a mentor for students often, and to new employees, taking time educate and train peers while providing a supportive environment for them. She doesn’t hesitate to appreciate her peers for work well done and plays an integral role in maintaining team spirit.
She has taken initiative to improve processes within the therapy department such as developing a comprehensive yet efficient form for therapists to complete for Medicare meetings, facilitating efficiency. She is not afraid to speak up within and outside the dept, advocating for the patients and her peers. In one instance, she took initiative to go for the home assessment of a patient who she had not worked with previously, because the scheduled therapist was delayed coming into work and she didn’t want the patient/family to wait any longer.
She consistently displays good team spirit, flexibility, and the willingness to change and improve as a clinician. She is responsive to feedback and is a strong team player.
Submitted by Anu Kalpathi
Mark Johnson, Avamere Rehabilitation of Junction City, Infinity Rehab

His kindness and his way with the residents.
Submitted by Catherine Wrenn
Mark consistently goes above and beyond to help his patients and his fellow employees. He makes a huge difference in the life of his residents from assisting a resident who was terrified of taking care of herself to her being as independent as possible. Or being a great role model to some of our younger residents. All the employees know that if they need anything, he will be there with a smile on his face to lend a helping hand.
Submitted by Misty Bingham
Martine Peeters, Ogden, Utah, Signature Healthcare at Home
Simply amazing in every single way.
Submitted by Brandy Tafoya
She cares about her patients’ needs, always meeting them the best she can. She always goes over and above to protect patients and team members. Ask anyone she has worked with and they all love her. They say SHE IS THE BEST!
Submitted by Natalie Osborn
Martine is so companionate to not only all her clients but to the staff as well. She has taken time to show our aids special ways of doing things for patients to make sure each person’s cares are tailored to just what they need. She will also come to aid staff meetings to help educate when needed. She calls her clients in between visits to see how they are doing when she thinks they need a little extra attention. She is just an amazing team player, and we are so very lucky to have her on our team.
Submitted anonymously

Mary Belle St. Denis, Mary’s Woods, Infinity Rehab
Mary Belle is a fantastic OT. She incorporates functional aspects into individualized patient-centric treatments while keeping each of her patients engaged and involved with the progression of the OT POC. Mary Belle is always willing to float to cover various OT needs within the OR6 region and often time outside the region. Mary Belle has a very positive and uplifting attitude, which brings joy to her teammates and patients. Mary Belle is a cornerstone to the Mary’s Woods therapy department and vital to Infinity Rehab as a whole.
Submitted by Eric-Paul Sparrow

Melanie Nordstrom, Olympic Rehab of Sequim, Signature Healthcare at Home
She is amazing with our residents, very caring, energetic, and knowledgeable. Melanie is friendly with staff and willing to spend the time to educate staff when needed.
Submitted by Danielle DeMetz

Mike Burkhardt, Salem, Oregon, Signature Healthcare at Home
I worked with Mike for two years. He never complained, generally brought a very positive attitude, had great insight, and demonstrated what it means to live by our core values.
Submitted by Tim Minks
Monica Harris, Avamere Rehabilitation of Eugene, Infinity Rehab
Monica has been a consistent presence in the therapy department at Avamere Rehab of Eugene. During that time, she has been able to help the team learn and grow as a unit to ensure the treatment provided is skilled and appropriate for each patient. She also facilitates improved communication with nursing and social services to ensure each patient is being fully addressed and aided in their goal for a safe discharge home.
Submitted by Eric Schumm
Nicole Cota, Avamere Rehabilitation of Oregon City, Infinity Rehab

Nicole is always working hard and going from room to room to help patients. She has been doing it for over 15 years but still takes pride in her work and wants to do her best. I always enjoy seeing her smiling face.
Submitted by Jonathan Mutchler
Paulette Wheeler, Avamere Rehab of Cascade Park, Infinity Rehab
Paulette is an awesome occupational therapist who on a daily basis gives her whole heart to her patients and the staff. She goes above and beyond. She deserves this recognition.
Submitted by Jennifer Simerly

Rhonda Heath, Federal Way, Washington, Signature Healthcare at Home

Rhonda is consistently proactive in finding solutions for patients which allow them to live as normally and independently as possible. Very often Rhonda is the first person on our team to address inconsistencies in medications and always utilizes communication which keeps all team members informed of changes.
Submitted by Laura Zayic
Laura is a hardworking and an honest employee and takes her work seriously. She completes all her tasks on time and is a source of inspiration for other employees who want to get the best out of their job duties.
Submitted by Navjot Cheema
Rhonda is the ultimate OT. She is always professional and on top of her game. She is dependable and encouraging. Her patients are her priority!
Submitted by Sandra Wentz
Sarah “Bree” Caron, Someren Glen, Infinity Rehab

Bree is tirelessly committed to serving both our short-stay rehab guests and our long-term residents. She has been solely committed to our community for over 13 years and has a detailed “walking around” knowledge of nearly every one of our long-term residents. She is amazing with patients and equally with families. Her attitude is always positive, her smile radiant, and her customer service is second to none.
Submitted by Gregory Young
Scott Stevens, Pocatello, Idaho, Signature Healthcare at Home
Scott is hard-working, is great at his job, and is well liked by his patients.
Submitted by Brent Dobson
Shelley Camp-Christianson, North Central Care and Rehab, Infinity Rehab
Shelley continues to strive for excellence with all her patients, but one patient’s life was particularly improved by working with Shelley. She helped a patient who was in constant pain and needed total assistance with mobility. Today the patient can move short distances in a wheelchair, sit up for several hours, and attend activities. Shelley was the steady guiding hand behind many of these accomplishments because she listened to the patient and her potential.
Submitted by Beatrice Altberg
Tami, The Pearl, Infinity Rehab

Tami worked with me on toileting, showering, and upper body strengthening. However, her approach was unique and encouraging, treating me as a whole human being and not merely a “patient.”  She always took time to listen and when safe, she incorporated my feedback into our treatment sessions.
She was one of the most compassionate professionals I have encountered (but did not let me get away with my laziness to avoid what I needed to do to progress – a clever trick she pulled off for my benefit).  She also was personable, speaking with me about things other than my disease process.
Her encouragement and praise were reasonable and did not seem false or condescending. She treated me with respect and dignity and definitely is a role model that others can learn from!
Submitted by a patient
Tammy Hainline, Cooper Health Oro Valley, Infinity Rehab
Tammy exemplifies the true vision of OT. She is a critical thinker and can modify a task on the spot in order for the patient to succeed. She shows true compassion for her patients and is their advocate when needed. Tammy supports her interdisciplinary team and collaborates for the good of her patients.
Tammy always has a positive approach to her team and patients. Tammy gives back to her local college where she obtained her degree by volunteering her time to mentor new students, plus continually takes level 1 and 2 students. I am proud to supervise one of the best COTAs I’ve met in the past 25 years. She deserves this recognition and a lot more.
Submitted by Karen Beale

Tony Green, Bellingham, Washington, Signature Healthcare at Home
Tony is an incredibly talented COTA and frequently gets raving reviews from the patients as well as his co-workers due to his upbeat personality, incredible knowledge of the OT field, and being such a great team player. Tony always makes me smile no matter what the situation is and is so quick-witted and clean in his style of humor that he makes it enjoyable to come to work every day. We are so lucky to have him on our team.
Submitted by Kary Smith

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