At the core of Infinity Rehab’s values is to improve the life of each patient we serve. Not only do our therapists strive to uphold that ideal everyday in practice, but they also tend to reflect the philosophy of betterment in their personal lives.

At the beginning of 2011, Infinity Rehab teamed up with North Lake PT to form the Infinity Rehab/ North Lake PT Endurance Team. The goal of the team is to provide members with a social and educational environment to foster increased participation in competitive events while at the same time, provide education for safer and more effective training practices, new product development, coaching services as well as therapeutic services.
The race season began with a green-hued bang on March 13, 2011 with the Shamrock Run in Portland, OR. Participants braved a cold, misty morning to complete 5K, 10K and 15K races. But what may be one of the highest achievements of the year happened when Jennifer Lo finished the Salt Lake City Marathon with a 3:41:53 time, which officially qualified her for the super-elite Boston Marathon.

Team members have been hard at work training for upcoming events. Mike Billings, Ron Odermott, Hilary Odermott and Thomas Bonn have already logged a couple 100 mile bike rides in preparation for the July 9, 2011 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. Bonn says his “backside can’t imagine doubling the distance” for the actual race, but he is “looking forward to the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment” once his team finishes the 202 mile ride.

The 180 mile Grand Teton Relay will bring team members Jennifer Lo, Leah Wilsey and Bill Lane to beautiful Jackson Hole, WY. Wilsey notes that finding race partners to train with has been essential to keeping on track with workouts. “Even if you don’t live near each other you can still have the same workout plans and accountability to each other.”

A great aspect of the Endurance Team is that it is comprised of both seasoned competitors and novice athletes. The Shamrock 5K was Vicki Schweizer’s first race of her life and she is pleased with how she performed. However, she admits that her next physical test – the Wild Canyon Games in June – will challenge every bone in her body, but working out is her stress relief and that is what keeps her motivated.

Although many of the team members are training for different types of sports, like cycling, running and swimming (or a combination of all three), the diverse mix of talent allows for the development of new training practices and coaching. An underlying philosophy of the Endurance Team is to provide members with a social and educational environment to achieve a higher level of personal wellness.

When asked of the team what advice they have for people who want to participate in formal athletic events, the majority said to start slow. “Start small and try to work it into your daily routine,” says Bonn. “If you take a lunch, pack it so that you can walk while you eat. Make a commitment with a friend…walk/exercise with them. If you have a catch up time with your spouse then go for a walk or bike ride or run together while you talk.”
Team members also advise to find a sport that really appeals to you. It is much more difficult to stay motivated if you are training for an activity that you loathe. “Find a sport that you enjoy and like to do, that will make it easier to actually workout,” says Wilsey. But no matter your preferred method of exercise, the important thing is to be consistent.

Take this example from team member Jan Lee on how to fit a workout into your daily routine: “I run to the grocery store, video store, local bakery and cafes etc., which is an efficient way to get my errands done but also exercise. I have a small light-weight backpack that I wear when doing errands. I try to have longer runs on weekends when I have more time. During the week, I usually run at 5:00 AM to make sure I get my run in for the day. If I wait to run post-work, it seems that other life gets in the way.”

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