Therapists by trade give back to the community they serve everyday when working with patients. We assist patients with regaining the ability to walk, to speak and to do tasks we sometimes take for granted; such as cook dinner or use the restroom. As a company founded and operated by therapists, Infinity Rehab has adopted the practice of giving back to each individual we serve by making it a company-wide practice to donate our resources whenever the opportunity arises.

Over the 12 years that Infinity Rehab has been in operation, we have donated to a multitude of causes and organizations ranging from local food banks to woman’s shelters. Mike Billings, President of Infinity Rehab, says it typically boils down to the employees own charitable motivations when it comes to giving. “We’ve donated over $10,000 to the Alzheimer’s Association over the past 4-5 years … often on behalf of our employees or clients.”

According to Donna Mueller, Vice President of Business Development, “We are a consistent sponsor for our State Associations’ educational offerings, as well as on behalf of our clients who raise funds for special projects, capital improvements and charity care.”

Laura Cantrell, Director of Outpatient Services, says, “We always try to take advantage of the times when we bring all of our employees together, like at regional meetings or the annual continuing education symposium.” There is almost always an opportunity for someone to donate to a charity at an Infinity Rehab event, says Cantrell. “This one time, at a regional meeting in Illinois, there was so much dog and cat food donated to a local shelter that they filled up a van!” Cantrell says the animal shelter was a little overwhelmed when they showed up with the food, but were nonetheless grateful for the donation.

The Lions Club International Sight Program and Tillamook County Animal Shelter were both recipients of donations collected at the 2011 Infinity Rehab NW Symposium. Even when employees of Infinity Rehab are not in a position to gather en mass, we still embrace the principle of giving. Billings draws the connection of the continuous spirit of giving to the care for patients that our therapists give everyday:

“None of us would be in this industry if we didn’t deeply care about those we serve. As an organization we contribute to the industry on a daily basis through the actions of our professional associates. However, our organization is made up of individuals with the desire to volunteer and contribute philanthropically.”

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