Jessica “Kele” Murdin, Clinical Knowledge Broker at Infinity Rehab, was named Washington State’s Physical Therapist of the Year by the state’s chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Advocating for physical therapy

One of the requirements of earning this honorable award is active participation in the association.

Kele has extensive volunteer work with her state chapter, the Physical Therapy Association of Washington, where she has been a member for about 17 years. She is part of the State Legislative Committee for her chapter and a federal affairs liaison, where she advocates for PT issues. She attends board meetings to represent her field of geriatric physical therapy.
Kele has also organized several courses, including her most recent work with the Otago Exercise Program, trainings for caregivers to continue physical therapy exercises with those they care for.
As Kele puts it, she “puts her time where her mouth is.”

“I show up. I’m involved. I’m engaged and passionate,” she said. “I really do think our profession has so much to offer.”
Kele feels honored and humbled to be named Physical Therapist of the Year in Washington State.
“It really validates the work I’ve done in geriatrics for so long,” she said.

Recognition for geriatric physical therapy

This award is an honor not only for Murdin, but for the entire field of geriatrics physical therapy. According to Murdin, the geriatrics area is a less represented area in the physical therapy world.
“I’m involved in many different areas all because I believe the geriatric field needs a voice,” she said.
Kele encourages others to take a stand.
“Anybody can do what I’m doing,” Kele said. “I believe in what I’m doing and am consistent.”
Kele says if something doesn’t work out, she tries again. It’s all about the consistency and small steps.

Congratulations to our PT of the Year

Congratulations to Kele for her outstanding recognition! Thank you for your advocacy for fellow PTs and Infinity Rehab patients in your local area.

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