Enhanced vision therapy 

Infinity Rehab, a therapy services company, recently launched their newest therapy service offering, vision therapy. The service is one of many options featured as part of Infinity’s newest service line, Infinity Rehab at Home 

Trust Infinity Rehab at Home to assist with addressing your vision needs. Whether you are recovering from surgery or experiencing increased difficulty due to vision loss, our dedicated team of therapists has specialized training to assist you. Let us help keep you as independent and safe as possible. 

Infinity Rehab at Home vision services can help with: 

→Maximizing independence with self-care & leisure activities 

→Low vision strategies 

→Improving balance & reducing fall risk 

→Home safety assessment 

More about Infinity Rehab at Home 

Infinity Rehab at Home provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in the comfort of patients’ homes. The program is flexible and can assist patients at all points on their rehabilitation journey in the convenience of their home. Infinity Rehab, a pioneer in telehealth, gives patients the option for virtual home services too.  

Infinity Rehab at Home fills the gap when patients transition between various care settings. Additionally, patients that don’t qualify for home health services can take advantage of therapy services provided by Infinity Rehab at Home. 

Schedule an appointment now 

Scheduling vision therapy is as easy as a phone call. Reach Infinity Rehab at Home at 971-364-0611. Download our helpful flyer for more information. 

DOWNLOAD NOW >>> Infinity Rehab at Home Vision Flyer


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