Physical therapy isn’t just about healing from a broken arm or hip surgery. It’s not just about being able to move again. Physical therapy is about giving back.
“We don’t ‘fix’ them,” said Infinity Rehab Director of Quality and Clinical Outcomes and practicing physical therapist Patty Scheets. “We figure out what is meaningful to them, and we try to give that back.”
That’s exactly what Scheets did for one of her patients with an inner ear infection. A retiree saw Scheets because an infection had taken so much from their life. The infection was to the point that it prevented the patient from driving, stealing from their well-deserved retirement plans.
With no other providers able to treat the devastating effects of the infection, the patient was referred to Scheets.
Scheets said the treatment plan was simple, and her patient made rapid progress. Soon the patient could drive again, started volunteering at the hospital, and was able to enjoy retirement to the fullest.
“It made a difference in the patient’s, the spouse’s, and the family’s life,” Scheets said.
Seeing someone do something they could not do before is one of Scheets’ favorite parts of physical therapy.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than patient improvement.” —Patty Scheets

Our clinicians have the pleasure of helping individuals overcome activity limitations every day. This week we celebrate all our physical therapists and assistants, as well as those all around the world as part of Physical Therapy Month Physical — Infinity Rehab appreciates all you have done and all you continue to do for patients and their families.

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