To Infinity Rehab, therapy is about outstanding patient outcomes and happy customers. The team of clinicians work diligently for patient and customer satisfaction, and it shows in their glowing survey results and feedback.

Here’s what one Infinity Rehab customer, The Chateau Girardeau, said about their experience with Infinity Rehab.

The Chateau Girardeau’s partnership with Infinity Rehab over the past two years has been a wonderful experience. Infinity’s focus on resident-centered quality care, evidence-based outcomes, and progressive leadership align with our community’s mission, vision, and values. Infinity Rehab’s transition into our community was seamless. The resources and quality of care provided during the transition were exceptional.

Not only has Infinity Rehab brought industry knowledge, but their leadership teams’ outstanding customer service is apparent throughout Infinity’s entire organization and transfers into our community.

It has always been our goal to be “ahead of the curve” in the ever-changing post-acute industry. Since our transition to Infinity Rehab, we feel we are achieving that as well as being able to offer our residents access to the best care possible.

Our therapy and rehabilitation program has strengthened tremendously since partnering with Infinity Rehab. The data, resources, competency of staff, and service provided has exceeded our expectations.  We are proud to be their partner and are proud of the outcomes we are achieving as a team.  We do not consider Infinity to be just a “contracted therapy company”; they are an integral part of The Chateau team.

Amy Keistler, COO/Administrator
Alicia Schoch, Assistant Admin/Compliance Officer

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