As 2018 ends, we reflect on the great accomplishments at Infinity Rehab. Here are a few of this year’s wins.

Welcomed 14 new communities

Infinity has historically offered care in the West Coast and Midwest. 2018 marked Infinity’s expansion to the East Coast with a community in Florida. Here are the communities Infinity welcomed this year:

Improved core quality outcome measures

Infinity has seen improvements in all our core metrics: short physical performance battery (SPPB), six-minute walk text, 5X sit-to-stand, and gait speed. Since 2017 we helped almost three percent more of our patients reach SPPB goals and almost five percent more reach a gait speed of 2 feet per second.

We have also seen improvements in discharge values, change scores, and the percentage of patients who reached critical goals.

Presented at 19 regional and national conferences

Several Infinity Rehab team members attended 58 regional and national professional conferences throughout 2018, speaking at 19 of those conferences. They kicked off the year by presenting at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana in February and ended the year strong with a presentation at the ASHA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts in November.
Other 2018 conferences Infinity team members spoke at included: Care Providers of Minnesota, LeadingAge Oregon, the North Dakota Long Term Care Association, and many more.

Launched the Clinical Champions program

Infinity launched a new program for clinicians, Clinical Champions! This program helps Infinity clinicians understand core behaviors for delivering patient care, provides direction to advancing skills, and serves as a structure for patient care improvement programs.

There are three levels in this program. Since the program’s start, we have 42 clinicians at level two and four clinicians at level three.

Read a spotlight article on the Clinical Champions program here.

Employees elected to committees

Derek Fenwick, Director of Professional Development, was elected to the American Physical Therapy Association Nominating Committee. He brings his experience as a board-certified specialist in geriatric physical therapy.

Patty Scheets, Director of Quality and Clinical Outcomes, was elected President of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy. She brings her knowledge as a physical therapist with expertise in implementing physical therapy care standards to reduce variability and improve patient outcome.

Congratulations to Derek and Patty on these accomplishments!

Received compliance certification

Michelle Jabczynski is Certified in Healthcare Compliance by the Health Care Compliance Association.

Reached level 3 maturity in talent acquisition

Talent acquisition maturity is based on an organization’s readiness and experience to develop successful strategies to support and attract great team members. It takes a great culture and the ability to innovate to level up. Levels rank from one to four.

We’re proud to announce that Infinity reached level three in talent acquisition.

We had an average open position rate of less than 10 percent, meeting our goal. Infinity welcomed 740 new team members. We look forward to continued growth next year!

Infinity partner named a top nursing home

Good Samaritan Society in Spokane Valley, one of Infinity Rehab’s valued partners, was named one of the best nursing homes in the country by U.S. News & World Report. They were also recognized in the top five percent for short-term care.

“I was thrilled to hear the news,” said Infinity Rehab Division President JoLynn Munro. “They are an outstanding community, displaying a high level of care for their residents. This recognition is certainly well-deserved.”

Thank you to all our wonderful team members

2018 was a great year for Infinity Rehab. We look forward to the great things our team will achieve in 2019!

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