Whether you’re a new grad entering the clinical field or an experienced clinician, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing your next career move.
Here’s what makes our culture truly irresistible.

We’re therapist-run

Our leaders truly get us, because they’re clinicians too! Our very own division president is an occupational therapist, our vice president of operations is a speech-language therapist, and several of our regional directors of operations are physical therapists.

Our clinicians are champions

All our clinicians are clinical champions! Through our Clinical Champions program, clinicians identify and develop core behaviors essential to succeed in their career.
We also provide many opportunities to grow their skills through online learning, in-person training, and even mentoring as either a mentee or mentor!

Our clinicians are involved

We provide many professional development programs for our clinicians. You can ease into your role through our 90-Day Immersion Program, advance your leadership skills through Leadership Academy, and advocate for your clinical discipline as part of our Practice Council.

We have a pathway for you

Whether you want to advance as a clinician or into management, Infinity Rehab has a career pathway for you.

Infinity Rehab Career Pathways

Join the Infinity Rehab team

Focus on our people, engaging professional development programs, and overall culture speaks volumes about what it’s like to be a part of the Infinity Rehab team.
Apply today to join our team of dedicated clinicians, leaders, and support staff!


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