Becki Stephens Award of Excellence requirements

Luc Leech, Occupational Therapist (OT) and Director of Rehab (DOR) with Infinity Rehab, was recently honored with the Becki Stephens Award of Excellence in Occupational Therapy from the Idaho Occupational Therapy Association (IOTA).

The award goes to an occupational therapy practitioner who demonstrates the passion, dedication, creativity, compassion, and ethical character that makes this practitioner a valued team member, role model to their peers, and a respected provider to the people and families they serve. Additionally, the award-winning practitioner receives an annual IOTA membership, free registration to the annual IOTA Fall Conference, and swag. Plus, in recognition of their work and contribution to our field, they will be asked to share insights and knowledge to be shared with other Idaho occupational therapy practitioners through a featured guest post on the IOTA website.

Luc Leech’s background

Leech works as an OT at the Idaho State Veterans Home in Pocatello. He first heard of the IOTA Becki Stephens Award of Excellence in Occupational Therapy while he was signing up to attend this year’s ITOA annual conference which was conveniently being held at ISU in Pocatello.  Oddly enough, this was the first conference Leech was planning on attending, although he has been involved with the organization for five years. He notes: “One of the main reasons I ended up attending this year’s conference was due to my former University of Pittsburgh OT Professor and current AOTA President Dr. Alyson Stover attending to deliver the keynote address. It was great to reconnect with my mentor.”

The winner of this award was announced at the conference and Leech admits he was surprised to hear his name called, as he noticed a lot of talented OTs in attendance. “I am very proud of the work my whole team does serving the Veterans and their families at the Idaho State Veterans Home in Pocatello and was proud to represent Infinity Rehab as an honored OT. I had just been discussing how excited our team was for several of our more complex patients transitioning successfully back into their own homes.”

Leech’s thoughts on winning the Becki Stephens Award of Excellence will be featured soon on the IOTA website.



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