Infinity Rehab, a therapy services company, offers an extensive line of professional development opportunities for their therapists. The Clinical Champions Program focuses on identifying and developing the clinical behaviors essential for effective clinical practice at Infinity Rehab. 

Level 1 Clinical Champion behaviors are considered essential actions for producing outstanding patient care outcomes and required for all Infinity Rehab clinicians. Level 2 & Level 3 are voluntary, designed to be challenging and paired with increased incentives and opportunities. 

Meet level 3 Clinical Champion Quincy Shaw 

Quincy Shaw, an occupational therapist at Queen Anne Healthcare in Seattle, Washington, applied for level 2 Clinical Champion status in June 2020 after she completed the Clinical Academy. She felt that the Clinical Academy instilled the knowledge needed to be well-versed in Infinity Rehab’s Clinical Model, and the program provided opportunities for leadership and outreach which are characteristics of a level 2 therapist.  

Quincy is a backup-DOR for her home building and finds that feeling competent in Infinity Rehab’s model has allowed her to confidently take on a leadership role. Most recently, she felt compelled to apply for level 3: “I have spent the last year or so with more responsibilities and roles in addition to occupational therapist. A few of these roles include part-time telehealth specialist, mentoring for several new hire therapists, and contributor to company initiatives and projects. These experiences have given me the knowledge and insight to pursue the next level of this program and continue my professional growth.” 

What’s so great about level 3? 

Quincy noted one of the perks of level 3 is having up to $1,500 annually to use toward approved professional expenses, and up to two days of paid time off (PTO) toward approved time for professional development.  

Additionally, achieving the title of level 2 or 3 Clinical Champion gives Infinity Rehab therapists priority consideration for lead roles in regional and corporate level quality improvement projects. Quincy notes, “Having gone through the process and reflection to apply for these titles has provided me with the confidence to be a supportive and informative mentor, clinician, and colleague. 

Advice for fellow employees and new team members 

“If you are interested in professional growth and development, this is a very structured and effective way to network within the company and move forward in an organized way,” states Quincy. “I believe that having the title of level 2 or 3 Clinical Champion has played a part in being considered for various projects and roles that I have had. I think that if you are a clinician who is interested in adding more responsibilities and opportunities to your career, this is a great way to do so!” 

Infinity Rehab has a long history of providing mentorship and professional development opportunities for their therapists. You can find out more about these programs here. 

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