Your heart works nonstop whether you’re hard at work or taking a break. Keep your heart happy and healthy with these four easy tips.

1. Wake up with fruit

Give your heart the nutrients it needs by eating fruit for breakfast. A heart-healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains can help you lose weight, which could lower your cholesterol (double bonus). Too much cholesterol can lead to heart disease. Get your cholesterol levels checked regularly, and ask your doctor about a heart-healthy diet for you.

2. Finish a puzzle

Getting creative isn’t only great for your mind – it’s also great for your heart! Pick up a hobby, try something new, or join an Avamere activity. An hour of knitting, painting, or completing a puzzle will do wonders for your mind and heart.

3. Eat dark chocolate

It’s delicious and healthy. Win-win! Dark chocolate has heart-healthy nutrients to help reduce inflammation and lower your risk of heart disease, scientists noted in the journal Nutrients. When you have a craving for something sweet, dark chocolate is a great (and healthy) go-to!

4. Floss every day

Health isn’t just about keeping one part of your body healthy – it’s about your whole self! Some studies show that bacteria that leads to gum disease can move to your bloodstream, increasing your risk of heart disease. Brush and floss daily – both your teeth and heart will thank you!
Keeping your heart happy and healthy is all about the small things you do each day. Talk to your doctor about your heart health.

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