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This content was originally sent in an email on January 15, 2024.


  • Complete the IT Asset Request Form
  • Specify which device(s) and/or accessories are needed and if this is a new request or a replacement
  • For full details, an asset request resource can found on Springboard and directly through this link
  • Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received


  • Prime Care Technologies supports Net Health password resets; this includes weekend coverage. If you need a password reset over the weekend, please contact Prime Care Support at  Service@primecaretech.com or (855) 424-3917. For all other password resets, consult this resource on Springboard and through  this link
  • Prime Care has added additional help desk staff to decrease wait and response times. Please continue to provide feedback on your experiences as the help desk shifts to provide more support to Infinity Rehab.
  • Haven’t heard back? We have created a Prime Care escalation email! If you have not heard back from Prime Care on your case or you are waiting on the phone for over 10 minutes, please email INRescalations@primecaretech.com. This will alert Prime Care supervisors and create a ticket in the system. The team will work quickly on these cases. If the case is urgent, please also CC ZSDodge@infinityrehab.com and STurner@infinity@rehab.com to add urgency to these cases.
  • Is your device still using “Infinityuser” as the login? Please contact Frank Lopez at frank.lopez@primecaretech.com to schedule time to complete these domain changes to your shared laptops.
  • Unsure whether to contact our IT Department or Prime Care? Consult this resource on Springboard and directly through this link.


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