Two Infinity Rehab employees will present at the annual Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon Conference in Lincoln City, Oregon October 4-5, 2019.

Occupational therapy and mental illness

Kali Wize, occupational therapist and Infinity Rehab’s Director of Rehab at Avamere Rehabilitation of Oregon City, is speaking Saturday, October 5 on the experience of mental illness across practice setting and how OTs can be effective with these patients. She is presenting alongside fellow OT Amber Black, who has 10 years of experience working in patient mental health.
“Early in my OT education, I recognized in order to increase our client’s participation/engagement in their occupations, promote health and well-being, and integrate holistic, evidence-based practice, we have to address our clients’ mental health,” Kali said.
According to Kali, one in five people in the U.S. experience mental illness and in some, it impacts their daily life. Because of this, Kali says it’s crucial to address mental health and promote well-being.
Addressing mental health clearly and accurately aligns with Infinity Rehab’s patient self-management pillar of their clinical model.
“Sometimes OT may be the only providers recognizing client factors or symptoms of a mental health diagnoses,” Kali noted. “It is crucial we collaborate and share this information with the interdisciplinary team to develop the most effective plan of care.”
Kali hopes attendees gain an increased understanding of occupational therapy’s role in addressing mental health and how they can empower patient occupational participation.
“We can make an impact so our patients can better engage in the things they want to do,” Kali said.

Patient self-management

Brianne “Bre” Salvati, OTR/L, Director of Professional Development at Infinity Rehab, is leading a roundtable discussion at the conference focused on patient self-management.
As a newly appointed board member on the OTAO, Bre felt it important to model the way for members to be involved in this.
“Occupational therapy practitioners have very specific training that make us unique and primed for patient self-management,” Bre said.
Bre encourages fellow OTs to implement the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Choose Wisely campaign and their webinar on the enhanced medical rehabilitation model.
“We can be leaders by using these best practices and continue providing meaningful occupations with our patients that drive better outcomes and performance,” she said.
Congratulations to both Bre and Kali on this exciting opportunity to share their expertise with fellow OTs across Oregon.

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