First-ever virtual Symposium

Infinity Rehab will host their annual Symposium in a one-day conference May 22, 2021. This year’s virtual Symposium conference is full of courses to help you grow your leadership skills, clinical skills, and more. Symposium will have all the features you know and love and special virtual integrations newly added for 2021.

Nationally recognized speakers

Kim Warchol, occupational therapist, was slated to join us for our canceled 2020 event, so we are thrilled to have her back. She is the founder and president of Dementia Care Specialists, a division of the Crisis Prevention Institute. She specializes in functional cognition, person-centered care, and dementia supportive environmental design. Kim has lectured nationally, produced several articles, and is passionate about fostering positive outcomes for those living with cognitive challenges. She will give an OT presentation on functional cognition.
Ellen Hillegass, PT, will be present “Clinical Decision Making When Developing Exercise Programs” at Symposium. She regularly presents courses across the country on early mobility. She has been active in the cardiovascular and pulmonary section for many years. She has represented the cardiovascular and pulmonary issues of physical therapists at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services along with the APTA on several occasions. She regularly holds continuing education courses.

Full coursework line-up

There are several other integral speakers that will round out the coursework and presentations at Symposium. They include:

  • Culture of Mobility and Activity: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Michael Friedman
  • Sustaining Energy and Compassion in Challenging Work by Martha Teater
  • Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Lumbar Spine by Shirley Sahrmann
  • Hip and Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Cervical Spine and Shoulder (Part 2) by Shirley Sahrmann
  • Spaced Retrieval by the Jennifer Brush Company
  • Montessori by the Jennifer Brush Company
  • Emotional Intelligence by Deborah Jeffries
  • Health Equity and Inclusive Care by Zanele Mutepfa-Rhone and Derek Fenwick
  • Keynote address by Infinity Rehab Division President JoLynn Munro

See you there

Join us to learn, network, and grow your skills! Registration opening soon – keep a lookout for more information.
We look forward to seeing you at Symposium 2021!

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