Infinity Rehab is committed to bringing quality continuing education to our staff of professionals and offering the same continuing education options to the therapist community at large. Our education focus is demonstrated through a three-tiered approach.

Annual Symposium
Infinity Rehab provides an annual symposium: a weekend educational conference featuring a collection of courses on pertinent topics for the post acute care rehab professional. In 2010, our symposiums brought together close to 600 therapists. Some of the courses offered at our symposiums include:

  • Contracture Management
  • The Geriatric Shoulder
  • Wheelchair Seating and Positioning
  • Documentation and Functional Assessment
  • Working with the Client with Dementia
  • Pharmacology for the Rehab Professional
  • Vestibular Rehab
  • Pain Management
  • DysphagiaAugmentative Communication

Educational Stipend
Additionally, Infinity Rehab provides a generous Continuing Education stipend to our staff of professionals for other education or for use for costs such as licensure fees and association dues.

Webinars and Trainings
Frequently throughout the year, Infinity Rehab offers in person and webinar training on topics ranging from management/leadership and documentation skills to clinical programs such as fall prevention, cognitive re-training and contracture management.

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