Below is a letter Stacey Turner, SLP, VP of Operations, received from the family of patient we recently treated. We are always very appreciative of your kind words and love to share them. Thank you so much!
Dear Ms.Turner,
Our sister was treated by your team at The Hearthstone in Seattle under the direction of Debi Scheenstra. We are absolutely delighted with the care she received. When she arrived at The Hearthstone she had really poor muscle tone, swallowing issues as well as short term memory loss. Thanks to the care provided by your team, in less than 3 weeks she was able to transfer back to Harborview for their intensive in-patient rehab program.
We would like to especially acknowledge Leah, the Physical Therapist on the team. Leah designed and implemented an effective Physical Therapy program and helped our sister believe she would get better and could do the things she enjoyed doing. That was a priceless gift and a critical component of her recovery.

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