Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) stopped by Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Anchorage to speak with patients, nurses, therapists and staff about the future of healthcare.

“I had the opportunity to visit Prestige Care and Rehabilitation Center of Anchorage, a nursing and care facility dedicated to serving the health and well-being of its residents and patients,” said Murkowski. “During my visit I was able to see the wide range of care they offer, from assisted daily living to assessment and treatment. Visiting with residents about their personal stories and their experiences showed me the level of care Prestige provides. It was also inspiring to see their staff working so diligently to support the physical, emotional, and social well-being of the patients they care for.”
(Click here to view pictures of the visit on Senator Murkowski’s official Facebook page)
When asked about the Senator’s visit, Justine, and Infinity Rehab Speech-Language Pathologist had this to say:

I started off by thanking Senator Murkowski for NOT supporting the skinny repeal [of the Affordable Care Act] as it would have left many of the people we serve in a long term care setting without adequate coverage for their rehab and nursing needs. She spoke briefly about advocating for rehab services for seniors, specifically because many insurances including Medicaid, is not always willing to cover speech therapy because it is not considered an “essential” service in the community, and how important it was. I agreed and reinforced that speech therapy is critically important for our seniors in that it can affect a person’s communication and swallowing, and can have huge impacts not only medically but for one’s quality of life as well.

A press conference was held during the visit.

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