Leadership Academy definitely helped me grow and become a leader for my team, my facility and for Infinity Rehab.  It has given me the tools to continue to grow my leadership skills beyond the classroom and to help others grow as leaders, clinicians and innovators.  I have learned about our values as individuals and teams and how they tie in with not only the company vision but our own visions for various projects.
The development of a vision helps guide us, excite us and engage us to reach the vision’s goal.  I learned about leadership techniques and communication styles and how to alter my own in order to help with that engagement of my staff and others involved in our vision.  I will use some of the skills I have learned and practiced in Leadership Academy to continue with my Leadership project to pursue and nurture a relationship with the Sullivan Park campus and to become their preferred outpatient provider providing quality care across the continuum which ties nicely into Infinity Rehab’s Vision statement of pursuing unparalleled quality, value, and patient, customer, and employee experience.
Unparalleled quality to me means that we will provide evidence-based practice across our disciplines to provide the best treatments possible for positive outcomes and experiences for our residents primarily and subsequently our customer. I will continue to work on inspiring my team and facility to develop an unparalleled quality long-term care program to increase the positive outcomes, quality of life, and quality measures.  Inspiration will come from the development of a vision statement, engaging my team and facility staff in this vision along with providing a focus and direction to help guide us toward this outcome.
I feel Infinity Rehab is unique in having such a strong vision and actually walking the walk and not just talking the talk in following the vision as evidenced by such programs as the Leadership Academy, Practice Councils, Symposium, Quality and Clinical Outcomes Program, CEU360, DORIT program, and Clinical Ladder program to name a few.  I am a monomaniac when it comes to talking about Infinity Rehab as I am very proud to be part of this company and feel very positive about our leaders, our vision and the direction we are going.

Karla Jo Roberts, MOT, OTR/L has worked with Infinity Rehab since March of 2011 as the Director of Rehab at Sullivan Park Care Center with a growing team of 18 staff members. She received her Master’s in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puget Sound in 2000.
Karla’s Leadership Academy project involved developing the Sullivan Park Campus outpatient program, which was challenging and exciting at the same time. She currently serves on the Occupational Therapy Practice Council and assists in OT/COTA mentorship throughout Washington.  Previously, she was on the Internal Review Committee and has assisted in development of documentation training scripts for Infinity Rehab. Documentation has always been a passion for Karla.

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