Our therapy staff at Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center in Brush, CO was featured in the Brush News-Tribune on October 12, 2011. It is always delightful to see our therapists recognized by their local communities!
October is National Physical Therapy Month

By Lisa Mehring News-Tribune Staff Writer
Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center is preparing for an open house to celebrate ‘National Physical Therapy Month’ Oct. 19.
“We invite the public to come and tour our physical therapy department and see our new equipment we acquired,” said Pam Archuleta, director of development & marketing at Eben Ezer in an Oct. 10 interview. “We look forward to seeing you.”
The open house is 5-6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 19 in the physical therapy room at Eben Ezer, 122 Hospital Rd. Light refreshments will be served.
In honor of ‘National Physical Therapy Month,’ the department recognized one of their ‘shining star’ patients – 89-year-old ‘neighbor’ Mary Hale.
On Mother’s Day, as Hale went to answer the phone she tripped and broke her hip. The next three months were spent in the hospital where she caught pneumonia and was in ICU for two days before moving to Eben Ezer for inpatient therapy.
Hale now lives in assisted living and is classified as outpatient therapy.
“Oh yes, very much,” she said of how much she enjoys physical therapy. “I guess just the exercise I get from it.”
Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center Director of Rehab & Physical Therapy Yolanda Azimi praised Hale for her work in recuperating after her fall.
“She’s a great patient,” Azimi said. “(She’s) very motivated and likes to exercise.”
Hale recently started over with her physical therapy and is now at a higher level. Three days a week, she works on strength, endurance and balance.
“I like to do it,” Hale said of working on the “mule” or Nustep, adding that her goal is to be able to walk alone without a walker. “I want to be able to do that again.”
Before breaking her hip, Hale was an avid walker and would walk eight miles a day.
National Physical Therapy Month is held every October by the American Physical Therapy Association. This year’s celebration is focused on: sports injury prevention across the lifespan.
Azimi said that whether an individual plays high school sports or is a weekend athlete, ‘staying active’ is a common goal.
In a letter by APTA president Scott Ward, he explains that, “Mobility is the key ingredient to aging successfully and remaining active and independent throughout our lives.”
In addition, the association states that, “No matter the area of physical therapist practice, whether it’s geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, women’s health, or another specialty, the role of the physical therapist is to improve and restore motion to people’s lives.”
Azimi agreed.
“That’s what we do here,” she said of helping patients restore their lives. “We individualize the care of each patient and the program they’re making. We focus on the muscles that are weak (and) … strengthening them.”
Hale encourages others to utilize the physical therapy department at Eben Ezer if needed.
“Oh yeah, it’s the only thing,” she said. “You just don’t get out and do normal exercises.”
The department has eight inpatients, an average of 10 who live within the facility and are considered in-house therapy and between 11 or 12 individuals who live within the community and utilize the physical therapy services at Eben Ezer.
To learn more about Eben Ezer’s physical therapy department, contact Yolanda Azimi at 842-2861.

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