st-month-2017aEach May, Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) provides an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and the role of Speech-Language Pathologists in providing life-altering treatment.
For 2017, the theme is “Communication: The Key to Connection.” In this theme, we wanted to share stories from team members about our Speech-Language Pathologists and the vital role they play in helping individuals regain or develop independence and comfort.

In June 2016, my SLP, who had been at our building for over 14 years, retired. He was wonderful and was SO ingrained in the building, that anyone that covered him for PTO usually wasn’t allowed to do much or change a diet because they only trusted him.
Once he retired, we hired our new SLP therapist, Jade. She had big shoes to fill and I was worried that that would be difficult to overcome for a new graduate. Last June, she hit the ground running. She helped educate MDs, NPs, PAs, and Nursing staff in how many things an SLP can help with (not just swallowing and speech!). She started building the caseload so much that by January 2017 we had to hire a part-time SLP, Amanda, just to cover all of the patients!
Our SLP department works on swallowing difficulties, language/communication deficits, voice disorders, cognitive deficits, medication management, and social integration. Jade and Amanda have added such valuable knowledge and patient care options to our team in such a short amount of time. I am so excited to see our therapy opportunities expand so that we can better serve our patients by relentlessly pursuing unparalleled quality and value to our patients and their families.
THANK YOU TO JADE AND AMANDA! Happy Speech Month!  You both are amazing
Brandy, DPT, Senior Direct of Rehab

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­My SLP, Jacqueline, brings humor and lightheartedness to our team. She moved out west from Louisiana last fall to take our open SLP position and has embraced the Pacific Northwest since her arrival. Jacqueline encourages and lifts up her colleagues, showing genuine compassion for others. Jacqueline is nearly every patient’s favorite, calling her their “Louisiana girl”.
Denise, PTA, Director of Rehab

­­­­­­­­­­Anjie, our SLP, is a valued member of the our team. She is knowledgeable, professional and a well-respected clinician. Anjie goes above and beyond to provide quality service to her patients. She embodies the Infinity vision and values by providing quality customer service on a daily basis. We could not ask for a better speech language pathologist!
Crystal, MOT, OTR/L

Keri, our Speech-Language Pathologist, has a personal commitment to quality that is evident in everything she does. Her dedication to seeing a project through is second-to-none. Her dedication to practice under Infinity’s mission statement is evident in all her interactions with team members, patients, and families. Her ability to recognize and react to opportunity results in personal and mutual success. The services she provides often exceed expectations, and work toward the best possible patient care. Keri’s careful attention to detail is one of the many things that makes her so special. Her team would like to recognize her, and we appreciate all her dedicated efforts.
Ciara, M.S., CCC-SLP, Director of Rehab

Sandy, SLP has really exhibited Infinity Core Values with quality treatment approaches.  She helps our whole team be more innovative with difficult patients.  She is able to help the team understand how to approach patients with cognitive impairments, difficult behaviors, or just having a tough day. About a year ago, Sandy assisted a patient who was told that he would not be able to eat more than a liquid diet.  This patient let staff know that he was very upset by this news and had really “given up” prior to admit. Through the use of an eSwallow electrical stimulation unit, Sandy was able to provide therapy that let the patient upgrade to a diet that he was happy to live with. He was able to discharge with a much better outlook and reported that this diet change really changed his whole life. He let us know that he was ready for the next chapter of life.
Sandy is regularly advocating for and helping staff in the building take great care of our patients. She is a vital member of our team, providing brain teasers on our therapy white board to keep our brains sharp as well!
Julie, PTA

Sandra goes above and beyond for the needs of our residents! Not only does she provide good quality treatment to the residents, but she also focuses on increasing their quality of life outside of therapy. My favorite story that comes to mind is when she went to a local store and got 100 lbs of bird feed donated to our community as one of the resident’s mentioned bird watching was an interest of hers!
Lynsey, Senior Director of Rehab

Our SLP is an extraordinary woman.  She is loving, caring, and giving. She is a proud parent of an adult daughter with autism and severe developmental delays.  She taught preschoolers with special needs for 20+ years before becoming an SLP.  She loved the preschoolers and embeds some of the strategies she used with preschoolers with the seniors.  She is glad she made the switch from preschoolers to seniors!  So, I’d like to make a special shout out to our SLP; that’s ME, the Director of Rehab!
Linda, MS CCC-SLP, Director of Rehabilitation


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