Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a co-worker would be like, what tasks fill their day, is it similar to mine? Well, this is exactly that – the life of a busy Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and Director of Rehab (DOR). SueAnne Wakeland has been a SLP and DOR for Infinity Rehab for the past three years in the Utah area. She has worked in a multitude of facilities for Infinity Rehab in Utah and also has provided SLP needs in Idaho facilities as well. Currently, SueAnne spends her busy days between Majestic Care and Rehab in Salt Lake City, Utah and Alpine Rehab in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Here it is, from beginning to end!
—  Driving starts the day for one hour to Majestic Rehab where SueAnne is DOR.
—  Planning, planning, planning for adjusting Resource Utilization Groups and setting therapy schedules.
—  Check e-mail and communicate all needed information to staff members.
—  Daily e-mail to Area Rehab Director (ARD) to communicate daily efficiency. Can’t forget that!
—  Meeting with Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Social Worker and nurse staff related to weekend patient changes, admits, and issues for therapy.
—  Screening based on recommendation from Nursing for possible change in patient function and Verification of Funding for possible new evaluation based on the screening.
—  Paperwork and filing of previous week’s notes.
—  Team meeting for updates of patient progress and concerns.
—  Orient traveling Physical Therapist Assistant to facility and program.
—  Meet with family touring facility for possible admittance of family member following recent stroke.
—  Prepare data for weekly conference call with ARD and other facility DORs in the region.
—  Patient treatments x 2 related to cognitive goals.
—  Conference call with ARD and coordinate with other DOR’s in the area for staffing.
—  Phone call related to patient treatment and caseload at Alpine Rehab for short-term patients.
—  Patient treatment for dysphagia at lunch.
—  Two more direct care patient treatments related to cognitive goals.
—  Facility search for rehab equipment.
—  Rearrangement of rehab gym to share space with the hairdresser.
—  Computer data entry for facility #1.
—  Drive, drive, drive one more hour to Alpine Rehab.
—  Meet with Nurse and staff related to any patient updates and changes.
—  New evaluations completed to include in discussion with family members.
—  Certified Nurse’s Assistant training for carryout of SLP recommendations.
—  More patient direct care treatments towards cognitive and dysphagia goals.
—  Computer data entry again!
—  Leave notes for DOR for medicare meeting updates.
—  Report to Nurse on duty events during treatments, changes in diet textures/liquids and reasons for the changes, and new patient/family interaction.
—  Finally, a minute of peace to strategize for the following day for treatment plans and materials.
And after all of that: HOME!
When SueAnne isn’t busy at work, she stays plenty busy outside of the therapy department. She greatly enjoys spending time with her nine children and 20 grandchildren, with a couple more on the way! She also enjoys archeology, anthropology and history. SueAnne is also active in doing family history searches for others.
So there you have it, “A Day in the Life of SueAnne Wakeland!”

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