In a letter received on November 14, 2011, Rich Miller, President/CEO of the Washington Health Care Association (WHCA), praised the ongoing support Infinity Rehab has shown the long term care community throughout Washington state. Below is an excerpt from the letter:
“Your company’s continual efforts to help WHCA’s provider members fulfill their responsibilities to those they serve every day is not only appreciated, it is a critical component of our shared commitment to provide the highest quality care in the nation. The exceptional work Infinity Rehab has done to not only satisfy its business customers’ needs, but in its support of the mission of WHCA itself, is deserving of special attention.
As such, it gives us great pleasure to inform you that we have identified Infinity Rehab as one of WHCA’s few “Affinity Partners.” The contributions that you make to our association in the form of event sponsorship, educational support, or revenue sharing programs enables us to offer quality educational events and networking opportunities to our members and the long term care community as a whole.
WHCA’s Affinity Partners are part of a distinguished – and exclusive – group. Currently, we have approximately 175 Associate Business Members; only 15 have been selected to receive our special recognition.”

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