At Infinity Rehab, we are passionate about education. We believe in providing therapists with innovative and evidence-based knowledge that is immediately relevant to practice. Infinity Rehab University has been formally established as a vehicle to enhance educational opportunities for our employees and our community.
One of our highlights each year is our annual symposium. Over 600 therapists attended our weekend events in Portland and Chicago in the early part of 2011. Our 2012 symposium schedule looks fantastic and will be held in Portland, OR at the Janzten Beach Red Lion and Rolling Meadows, IL at the Holiday Inn.
Northwest Symposium
March 10-11, 2012
Red Lion, Jantzen Beach, Oregon
Midwest Symposium
April 14, 2012
Holiday Inn, Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Northwest Symposium registration is open now, click here to register.
Contact Tim Esau at 888.757.3422 x2162.

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