Infinity Rehab is proud to announce that CARF International has accredited our Outpatient Therapy Services at the Stafford in Lake Oswego, Oregon for a period of three years – the highest term awarded by the organization. This accreditation comes after a lengthy and conscientious examination of the therapy services provided to Stafford residents by Infinity Rehab therapists.

“From start to finish it took over a year for the accreditation process to wrap-up,” recalls Laura Cantrell, Director of Outpatient Services for Infinity Rehab. “In May 2010, we were contacted to be a pilot site for CARF, who is attempting to gain deemed status with Medicare to provide surveys for Rehab Agency sites. On top of the Medicare regulations that are to be followed, we needed to implement the 1,500 CARF standards to their satisfaction for accreditation approval.”

CARF is an independent, internationally recognized, nonprofit organization that accredits several types of specialized services, including rehab care services.

Accreditation is very important for any market where choice is ultimately left up to the consumer – especially choices involving health care. Accreditation from CARF ensures residents at the Stafford that Infinity Rehab encourages feedback, continuously improves our services and is committed to serving the community. Accreditation also means that the outpatient therapy services provided by Infinity Rehab have met the rigorous standards required by CARF.

“We compiled thousands of pages of documents, participated in hours of interviews and gave CARF surveyors detailed tours of our facility and the day-to-day operations,” says Cantrell. She suggests that the thorough examination conducted by CARF is the chief reason why it is one of the most respected accreditation bodies internationally.

What sets CARF apart from other accreditors is its philosophy of helping organizations reach higher standards rather than police its current practices. “There are so many standards and parameters that need to be met during the accreditation process. If deficiencies are found, CARF gives suggestions on how to improve,” says Cantrell.

“We’re just really excited and very humbled that we met the standards and were awarded the highest degree of accreditation.” When asked what is next after receiving this honor, Cantrell modestly responded, “We will continue to provide the highest quality of therapy we possibly can for our patients and clients.”


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