Patrick Hennessy, PT, MPT, NCS, will oversee the further implementation of quality initiatives designed to enhance patient care, measure outcomes data and continue Infinity Rehab’s trajectory as a leader of post-acute therapy services.
Beginning in 2013, Infinity Rehab laid the groundwork in preparation of post-acute care transitioning from a volume-based industry to one that rewards positive patient outcomes. Their efforts to redesign the delivery of therapy services began with research into evidence-based measurement of functional outcomes, treatment interventions, and professional development. This initial phase established the foundation for truly patient-centered care and meeting the goals of health care reform, which include quality, cost effectiveness, and patient experience.
The hiring of Patrick Hennessy, PT, MPT, NCS, is part of the next step in Infinity Rehab’s commitment to quality and focus on value-based health reform.
“Patrick is an important addition to our quality team. He will play a key role in continuing to move Infinity Rehab forward down a path of evidence-based practice that will give each patient the opportunity for successful rehabilitation,” says Mike Billings, PT, DHSc, CEEAA, President of Infinity Rehab. “Patrick’s body of work aligns perfectly with Infinity Rehab’s vision to move beyond uniform best practices and tap into our vast knowledge base and dynamic systems to provide quality outcomes tailored to each individual patient.”
Mr. Hennessy comes to Infinity Rehab from The Rehab Institute of Chicago (RIC) where he had a split position between clinical care and research in the Locomotor Recovery Lab under the direction of George Hornby, PT, PhD. In this role, Patrick provided clinical care and worked to standardize outcome assessments. He was also a staff resource to therapists who employed high intensity walking interventions, orthotics, and bracing solutions; and to therapists who treated patients with brain injuries and/or dual diagnoses. Patrick also participated in knowledge translation projects including staff education, medical records data extraction and analysis, and manuscript preparation.
Prior to his work at RIC, Patrick worked at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia. While at Moss, he aided patients with acute and progressive neurological disorders, lower extremity pre-prosthetic and prosthetic training, and agitation and behavioral disorders. He served as a Neurologic residency mentor and founded and facilitated a Gait Training Special Interest Group to support clinicians in their development in this area. Patrick has presented at national, regional, and local physical therapy meetings and conferences and served as a lecturer to professional-level physical therapy students.
“I’m excited to pursue professional endeavors that will enhance patient care and change the way that care is delivered at Infinity Rehab, which already has amazing systems in place,” says Mr. Hennessey. “Through the quality initiatives that Infinity has implemented over the past year, I will have a hand in further developing these large, impactful programs while still being hands-on with my patients and working alongside my peers.”
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Vision StatementInfinity Rehab will lead a post-acute care revolution by relentlessly pursuing unparalleled quality, value, and patient, customer, and employee experience.  We will create an irresistible culture that inspires individuals to grow as leaders, clinicians, and innovators.

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