bersin-1Infinity Rehab’s comprehensive approach to strengthening leadership capabilities across our organization recently earned recognition in Bersin by Deloitte’s publication on effective strategy for HR in mid-market companies.
The 13-page report, available exclusively to Bersin members, reveals key insights about the unique position that relatively smaller companies like Infinity Rehab face in implementing wide-scale organizational change on a limited budget. The article identified three opportunities for mid-market firms to drive HR impact including prioritizing the worker experience, breaking down organizational silos, and embracing size and agility for a competitive advantage.
“This is a very exciting honor for Infinity Rehab to be recognized on this scale by such a reputable organization like Bersin,” says Derek Fenwick, Director of Professional Development at Infinity Rehab. “We have long believed that what we’re doing to develop our people at Infinity is rooted in research and is a special example within the health care industry. This recognition suggests we’re certainly on the right path, and we are pleased that our clinicians and our customers will continue to reap the benefits.”
As the article notes, Infinity Rehab’s effort started by creating a formal leadership academy program to establish and define the preferred behaviors that matter most to the organization. The effort then expanded from its original focus on training highly qualified managers to offering leadership skills development to all employees. Employees are now required to document real-time examples of how they are deploying the five practices of exemplary leadership in their day-to-day work. Managers are expected to offer regular feedback, effectively closing the loop to assure that each employee is truly supported in their efforts.
“The impact we are seeing from taking a systemic approach to leadership development for the whole organization is nothing short of incredible,” says Fenwick. “We are constantly uncovering talent emerging throughout the organization, allowing us to challenge individuals in real-time to develop their own leadership skills in a way that is most meaningful to them while exposing them to real-life business challenges to solve. It’s a win-win-win for the employee, the company, and the patients and customers we serve.”
bersin-2This recognition by Bersin is one of many milestones along the focused people development path that Infinity Rehab has embarked on over the greater part of the past decade. Driven by a dedicated People Charter to guide the company’s efforts, Infinity Rehab has progressively advanced our people strategy to adapt to dynamic business needs with great success. Earlier in 2017, Infinity Rehab conducted research with Bersin that revealed we rank best-in-class among mid-market companies for talent development in the areas of Alignment between Leadership and Strategy, Learning Culture, Critical Talent Development, Front-Line Manager Development, Succession Management Conversations, and Performance Management. In addition, the research revealed an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) among Infinity Rehab leaders of 70, an exceptionally high score on the standard employee engagement metric.
The greater health care industry is beginning to take notice too; Infinity Rehab has been invited to present on the topic of “High-Impact People Development” at several upcoming conferences, including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) National Quality Forum in December 2017 and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting in February 2018.
“For as much as we’ve accomplished, there’s still part of me that feels like we’re just getting started,” says Fenwick. “For example, we continue to advance our ability to measure and manage the less tangible aspects of workplace performance, and we aim for every single employee to feel they are part of the highly inclusive culture we demand. We also want to strengthen our customers and partners by employing some of the same strategies we’ve developed so they can experience the same level of success. We’re pretty excited for what’s to come next.”

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