Prestige Care, Inc., operator of 19 skilled nursing centers, chose Infinity Rehab to enhance their rehab program and promote their rehab services status in the community. Within the first quarter, the skilled days increased 36% and Prestige observed a much higher intensity and comprehensiveness of programming. The clinical intensity, combined with a lower base price, resulted in over a 100% increase in rehab profitability for Prestige from their previous provider, and over a 100% increase in services for the long-term care resident.
Harold Delamarter, President of Prestige Care, is appreciative of lnfinity Rehab’s accountability. lnfinity Rehab meets monthly with the Prestige Senior Managers to review progress and benchmarks, adjust goals and align with Prestige’s clinical initiatives, functioning very much as Prestige’s own Rehab Management.

“It was the right decision for us. I recommend their program to any provider who wants to enjoy
marked improvements in community reputation, clinical services, and financial well-being.”
– Prestige Care President Harold Delamarter

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