Infinity Rehab recently faced a seemingly insurmountable task. Our partners, Prestige Care, Inc., recently acquired eight skilled nursing facilities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. In addition, two new Infinity outpatient clinics were scheduled to start in Washington. Now, this might seem like a simple transition of services for a rapidly growing contract therapy company that handles sub-acute and outpatient rehab for over 170 facilities across nine states. However, the nature of the acquisition and outpatient clinic start-ups required that our services were to be in place within a month.
We were up for the challenge. Our recruitment department worked diligently to retain a high percentage of existing staff while filling new positions for Physical, Occupational, and Speech-Language therapists. Approximately 75 new full-time, part-time, and on-call staff was hired on in addition to our normal increase of therapists at other rehab teams. Our HR team tirelessly processed each new hire, ensured compliance and made it a smooth transition into our family of therapists.
Computers and therapy equipment were deployed in a timely manner. Training sessions were scheduled and executed to bring new staff in line with Infinity Rehab corporate standards and processes. Our entire support staff worked very hard to ensure each new facility had the resources in place so residents and patients would continue to receive treatment and care.
The hard work paid off. Not only did we gain the trust of new clients, but also our new team members were thoroughly pleased with the effective and efficient transition. Here is just a sample of what they had to say:
“Thank you for all the support!”
“The transition was organized and we had all our staffing needs covered.”
“I appreciated the detailed communication and knowing what to expect the first two weeks!”
“The transition process on day one was hectic. The staff completed patient care, plus received training and shared their space with new people. I thought the overall training was great. The trainer was well informed and pleasant to work with and had answers and/or knew how to get the answers to our questions. The trainer left me with several contact people and phone numbers. In the long run, this was a pleasant experience and I am looking forward to my position with Infinity.”
“Having so many familiar people helps me to feel like part of the team and family much quicker.”
Infinity Rehab has faced many challenges over the 13-years since we began offering sub-acute and outpatient rehab services. Our ability to meet those challenges head on, exceed the expectations of our clients, and continually provide a high level of care to those we serve has been a cornerstone of our business. It is with the dedication of our home office staff and every one of our therapists in the field that we continue to grow and succeed. We look forward to the next big challenge.

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