Infinity Rehab has more than 20 therapists who are veterans! We are taking a moment on Veterans Day to highlight a few of them and thank them for their service.

Richard Poirier, Lebanon Rehab

Richard Poirier, COTA, is a Veteran and has been with Infinity for seven and a half years. He served in the Marine Corp for eight years as a motor transport/troop transport driver. He was a corporal when he left the military after honorably serving his country. Rick was an integral part of the therapy team at Twin Oaks in Sweet Home prior to it closing and transitioned to work at Avamere Rehab of Lebanon where he continues to provide quality care to all the patients he serves. He is a great motivator for our patients and encourager for all. Rick works to learn new processes and is a great team member. We appreciate his service to his country and his patients. I am proud to have him as a part of our Lebanon team.

Stephen Hackney, Timberview Care

Stephen Hackney, PTA at Timberview Care in Albany, Oregon, served in the US Army at Fort Huachuca Army Base in Cochise, Arizona as an air traffic controller for four years. This base is one of the largest and busiest army air bases in the country. He would volunteer to work the busy shifts and did an excellent job. His attention to detail and work ethic have carried over to his work as a PTA, and it makes him an absolute asset to the team at Timberview. We are proud to have Stephen on our team and appreciate his service.

Cindiman Pinneke, Sunshine Gardens

Cindiman is the OPCD in Durango, Colorado at Sunshine Gardens. The OP programs would like to thank her for her service in the National Guard. Cindiman is always advocating for her clients and her profession to promote awareness of the benefits of a holistic approach to rehab. Cindiman always has a smile and a kind word as she walks through the building each day. Her engaging personality inspires her clients to advocate for themselves, their peers, and family members to remain active in their community. Thanks, Cindiman, for your service!

Dave Hyde, Timberview Care

Dave Hyde, OT/ DOR at Timberview, served in the US Navy for 12 years, as a Gunner’s Mate (missiles) on several ships: carriers, destroyers, cruiser, and frigates. He also worked security on the Navy bases where he was stationed. Dave’s military service and integrity can be seen daily in his work as a DOR and an OT. He brings professionalism, care, and commitment to everything he does. We are fortunate to have him in our region and appreciate his service to our country.

Tim Lanz, Creswell Nursing and Rehab

Our Speech and Language Pathologist Tim Lanz has been a member of the Air Force national guard for 21 years and is a Master Sargent. Tim brings a lot to our team here at Creswell, as a clinician and as a team member. He cares a lot for his clients as noted by his commitment and consistent feedback with the entire IDT team. Tim leads by example and he will not rely on word of mouth as a stand-alone form of communication. Tim is always actively making change to better his clinical skills and provide accurate levels of care for his clients. Tim is full of “dad jokes” and “lighthearted shenanigans,’’ frequently keeping the rehab team in stitches and overall lightening the mood in an occasional stressful environment.

Chelsea Brown, Coast Fork Nursing and Rehab

Chelsea Brown is a valuable member of our team. As a Naval veteran, she has many life experiences that create a strong understanding of teamwork, hardship, and overcoming adversity. She works well across a wide spectrum of patients and staff, is adaptable, and puts herself in a position to help all she can. She always has her patients and coworkers’ best interests at heart, as her drive to protect is at her core. We thank her for her service and the practitioner and person it has helped her become.

Jeff Brooks, Rockwood South Hill and Rockwood Hawthorne

Jeff Brooks is a PT and level 3 Clinical Champion. He served in the Navy from 1985-1991, USS Richard B Russell, SSN-687, Mare Island Naval Base, CA. He was a nuclear plant mechanical operator. He is Submarine Warfare qualified (SS).  His honors include: Presidential unit citation (2), Naval unit commendation (3), and others. He was second in class at Naval Nuclear Power School. He was one of two promoted to first class petty officer in three years (usually five to six years) in 1988. He finished as a Machinist Mate First Class, MM1 (SS). He notably oversaw Cold War surveillance operations off the east coast of the Soviet Union.
We honor all veterans who have served our country, and we respect individual preferences about public recognition of service. If you are an Infinity employee who is a veteran who would like to add your consent to be recognized, please contact so that we add your preference to our records.

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