An advertisement touting the therapy services at Good Samaritan Society – Spokane Valley in Spokane, Washington recently ran in an issue of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living. And it’s pretty hard to disagree with the ad’s opening line:
“The Rehab Clinic at Good Samaritan Society-Spokane Valley is dedicated to helping rehabilitate you as a whole person – mind, body, and spirit.”
“The Rehab Clinic” it mentions is none other than our wonderful Infinity Rehab therapists who work there. We are fully aware that the intention of the advertisement is to market the therapy services to the local community, but it is always a good feeling to read about the “dedicated and caring” rehabilitation services we provide at every Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities we contract with across ten states. The same goes for every Continuing Care Retirement Campus, Acute Rehabilitation Clinics, and our many Outpatient Clinics.
Below is the rest of the advertisement.
Good Samaritan partners with Infinity Rehab for inpatient and outpatient therapy needs; providing both clinic-based and in-home rehabilitation programs. Infinity Rehab was established with the intention of focusing on comprehensive therapy for older adults and takes pride in providing high quality, clinically intensive, comprehensive care to the older adult population.
Physical, occupational, speech therapists, and a licensed social worker are available to meet patient needs. “Our goal is to maximize your quality of life and to work together to attain your therapy goals,” says Deanna Hawley – Physical Therapist and Director of Rehab. The Rehab Clinic is open to residents of Good Samaritan Society-Spokane Valley as well as those in the local community through outpatient therapy services.
The Rehab Clinic has a variety of specially designed adaptive equipment used in rehabilitation and wellness activities, providing an opportunity for both aerobic exercise and strength training. Additionally, a transitional living apartment – complete with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, bedroom, and bathtub – is available for patients to safely practice independent living before returning to their home.
The Rehab Clinic at Good Samaritan Society – Spokane Valley is designed to take the stress out of the rehabilitation process. The dedicated, caring and experienced staff works closely to meet the unique needs of each patient and return them quickly to their maximum ability and independence.

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