Congratulations, Megan! 

Megan Zartman, an Infinity Rehab physical therapist (PT) and Outpatient Clinic Director, has earned Level 3 status in the Clinical Champions professional development program. Zartman is the director at Pine Grove Crossing in Parker, Colorado. She also oversees the Infinity Rehab at Home program in Denver. She has been a therapist with Infinity Rehab for three years. 

The Clinical Champions Program focuses on identifying and developing essential clinical behaviors for effective practice at Infinity Rehab. Participants in this program can attain recognition, compensation, and valuable experiences by advancing through the program.  

Advancing as a Clinical Champion 

Megan couldn’t be more excited about her accomplishment. She notes, “Participating in the Clinical Champions program provided me with the tools and setting to really introspect on my clinical practice, professional goals, and leadership practices. The journaling process helped me reflect on my strengths and build confidence in my abilities as a leader and as a clinician.” 

She continued, “My passion in this practice is the people. I honestly love spending one on one time with my patients, learning about what is meaningful to them and what will make a difference in their lives. The feeling when you see a patient realize their goals is unbeatable!” 

About Clinical Champions 

The Clinical Champions program has three main goals: 

  • To help every Infinity clinician understand the core behaviors we consider essential practices to deliver high-quality patient care 
  • To provide a roadmap for everyone to advance their own skills toward higher levels of expertise in those areas 
  • To serve as a company structure for the effective rollout of patient care improvement programs 

Clinician practice is measured in each of five areas across three levels of progressive excellence, providing a clear framework for every Infinity Rehab clinician to advance their development within the company. 

To find out more about the Clinical Champions Program, visit our professional development section of our website. 

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