Kristin McVay traveled all over the United States looking for the perfect place to call home. She went from her current home of three years, San Diego, to Portland to Chicago to New Orleans.
She couldn’t find the perfect fit, but she gave Portland, Oregon a shot since she earned her Master of Science in physical therapy from Pacific University.
She called around for opportunities, reaching out to Infinity Rehab first. And in Kristin’s words, “they would not let me get away.”

Standing out among the rest

Tim Esau, who is now the Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer for the Avamere Family of Companies, wanted to interview here right then and there – while she was at a swimming pool.
Following her second interview (in person and not in shorts!), Kristin helped pass out lunch trays, a small, kind action that helped her stand out among the rest.
Kristin joined Infinity Rehab on August 5, 2002 and has accomplished amazing things since then.

From skilled to outpatient

Kristin notes one of her biggest accomplishments in her career is transitioning from skilled care to outpatient. At the time, outpatient wasn’t established, and the move was a big risk. And on top of that, she was comfortable in the skilled nursing world with 13 years of experience
But Kristin pushed forward. She called Laura Cantrell, who was her first director of rehab and had since moved to another role within Infinity Rehab, to talk about trying outpatient. Laura responded, “What took you so long?”
Kristin became the Outpatient Clinical Director at Country Meadows in Woodburn, Oregon – a major decision that ended up being one of the best decisions in her career.
“If I wouldn’t have moved into outpatient, I don’t think I’d be here,” Kristin said about her career with Infinity Rehab. “I needed something different. From DOR to Senior Outpatient Clinical Director – I feel like all of it has given me different avenues.”

Advocating for patient health

Kristin truly cares about her patients. She came up with the idea for a wellness program to help their patients stay active and age healthy.
And her advocacy stretches even further to her own teammates. She supervises physical therapist assistants and seeks learning opportunities herself by finding mentors in spine therapy.
Kristin McVay is a valuable, long-tenured employee with Infinity Rehab. Thank you, Kristin, for your many years of work to enhance the life of your patients and fellow teammates!

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