If you’re an occupational therapist, you won’t want to miss these helpful courses at this year’s Infinity Rehab Symposium.

Want to know more about successful interventions for patient self-management?

Come check out this course at Symposium:
Patient Self-Management: How to Make It Work
Saturday, May 4
8:45 a.m.
We’ll discuss strategies and interventions to increase your patients’ skills and knowledge to manage their own health.

Do you know how to interpret and apply ACL and CPT assessments?

Find out in this course:
Function First: Utilizing ACLS and CPT for Cognitive Assessment
Sunday, May 5
10:45 a.m.
This course, taught by occupational therapists, will provide practitioners with how these assessments successfully guide patient-specific treatment plans and provide discharge recommendations.

Check out these and other great OT-specific courses and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Infinity Rehab at Symposium!

Don’t forget, Infinity Rehab employees can receive cost reimbursement through the Life-Long Learning Policy! Visit Springboard for full details.
Join us for an exciting in Portland, Oregon May 4-5 to network, celebrate, and build your clinical skills.
Register for Symposium today!


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