The challenges of COVID-19 and staying active

Infinity Rehab, a therapy services company, knows the COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging for many, particularly seniors, to stay active. With visitation limited in senior living facilities, the limitations of physical therapy due to state and federal mandates, and with fewer activities for most, being active has been tough.
So, just how do seniors keep fit and keep moving during COVID-19?

Get up and move

It may sound obvious, but making a conscious decision to move around throughout the day is key for seniors. If you are a senior who is able to walk, aim for 250 steps per hour to stay active. If weather permits, get outside for even more steps. If you are unable to walk, consider stretches or hand weights to get some exercise.

Benefits of physical therapy

Physical therapy is a nonpharmacologic therapies. In fact, several studies show that exercise (a major component of physical therapy) decreases pain and improves function.
While physical therapy is somewhat limited during COVID-19, options like telehealth are making it more accessible. Many senior living communities are also providing physical therapy to their residents.
Talk to Infinity Rehab to see how physical therapy can help you during COVID-19. Infinity Rehab collaborates closely with you, your family, and if needed your doctor to help stay fit and maintain optimal health.

Consider assisted living

For some seniors, now might be the perfect time to consider a move to independent or assisted living. With enhanced social activities, exercise classes, and a little extra help when needed, seniors can remain active in a comfortable, safe environment.
Questions on staying active and keeping healthy amidst COVID-19? Contact Infinity Rehab today!

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