Our therapists continually strive to improve the life of each and every patient we serve. From developing and implementing a plan of care, to ensuring the patient receives the highest quality of attention, self-care education, and goal attainment. It pleases us so much when we receive feedback from our patients and the families of the people we serve; letting us know that our hard work has not gone unnoticed.
Below is an excerpt from a letter to the staff at Sullivan Park Care Center (located in Spokane, WA) from the daughter of a recent resident. We can’t thank you enough for choosing our team to assist in your mother’s rehabilitation and for the kind words. Congratulations to the entire staff at Sullivan Park on your continued excellence!

Dear Sullivan Park Staff,
I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in the excellent care my mother has received at your facility following her illness. It truly took the Sullivan Park team to help Mom’s rehabilitation. The day she left the hospital I watched as she had to be lifted to her feet and pivoted into a chair because she couldn’t stand by herself. Over the last several weeks I’ve watched her grow stronger and thrive under your care. I’m delighted she can now come home and resume her life.
I wanted to thank Carol and Leona for helping to keep me informed of Mom’s care plan. It was so nice to know what was going on and that there really was a plan for her. It was also wonderful to know that they cared about how things would be when she returned home and set up home health care to make sure she would continue to improve.
Thank you to the nurses who went out of their way to help ease Mom’s fears about her illness, for managing her medications, and for everything else that they did.
To the aides, you are just the best. When Mom rang her call light, you always responded within minutes with a smile. Thank you so very much!!! You are all to be highly commended for your efficiency and attitude. I was so relieved when I saw how incredible you were.
I applaud the therapists who took someone who could barely stand and got her sitting in a chair, then standing, then walking to the point where she no longer needed a wheelchair. I heard my Mom’s speech improve. You stimulated her mind and body from the time she got up in the morning until she went to bed at night.
There are so many to thank from the kitchen staff who prepared her meals and watched her diet, to the maintenance man who not only hooked up a TV and phone for her but who was friendly while doing so.
I have to add something everyone in my family said when they visited, which was how unbelievably clean Sullivan Park is. My mom’s room was bright and cheerful and CLEAN.
Thank you, Sullivan Park, for taking care of the most precious person in my life. In the time my mother was in your care I came to admire the team work approach at your facility. To anyone on the staff who helped her, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
A very grateful daughter

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